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Name: Zarina


Name Meaning: The name Zarina has both Persian and Slavic origins. It is derived from the Persian term "Zarin", which translates to “golden”


Species: Golden angel deer


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 17th December


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Light


Height: 174 cm


Weight: 58 kg


Love Partner: Buckley


Children: None



Zarina is an anthropomorphic angel deer with a very elegant and dynamic body. Her main fur colour is white which is mixed with more or less faded golden colours on her legs, tail, arms, head and ears. Her belly, chest, back, throat and cheeks are entirely white. Her hooves have a dark golden colour. Zarina has large angel-like wings which reach to her knees. Just as her body, they also have a gradient of white and gold which is a bit darker. As is common for angelic beings, a yellow halo can be perceived on top of her head. Her eyes are light blue, her nose, eyelids and the inside of her ears are light pink


Character Traits:

  • Kind

  • Graceful

  • Quite vain

  • Fashionable

  • Extrovert

  • Talkative

  • Photogenic

  • Ambitious

  • Feminine

  • A bit snooty



  • Zarina is excellent at flying and can fly particularly high and far

  • She has the gift of telekinesis, which means she can move certain objects and even other beings just by using her thoughts. However, with other beings, this only works if they genuinely want it to happen

  • She has the incredible ability to influence other creature's dreams, but she only does so to vanish nightmares, to help others and/or to simply make them feel better

  • She is very photogenic and an ambitious model. Her appearance and look are pretty important to her. She is also very fashionable and loves helping others choosing the perfect piece of clothing and accessory

  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  • Unlike other deer, she can see almost all existing colours. She can even see quite well in the dark



  • She can and will only influence the dreams of creatures that consent. If someone, for instance, is suffering from nightmares but refuses her help, she cannot assist that creature. The same applies to her telekinesis abilities

  • She is very ambitious and a bit snooty, she gets very upset when a certain goal could not be reached or when particular negative criticism was expressed towards her

  • She is quite vain and she hates it, when something on her body gets messy or whenever she notices something about her appearance that is against her standards



  • Beauty, style, fashion and aesthetics

  • Flying and other physical activity

  • The sky and the wind

  • Elegance and gracefulness

  • Precious, golden, shiny and sparkly things

  • Helping others, for instance, to overcome certain fears

  • Success, especially in her model career

  • Her friends and her boyfriend Buckley in particular



  • Every kind of violence

  • Dangerous and destructive storms

  • Nightmares and strong fears

  • Dirt on her fur and the like

  • When things don't go her way

  • Failures and setbacks of any kind

  • Hate, impoliteness and irreverence

  • Certain negative criticism towards her, especially towards her look, choice of fashion etc.


Further Information:

  • Zarina was born in the Land of Eternal Light. A heavenly and placid land full of very high mountains and full of angel-like and/or feathered-winged creatures. Here, the sky reigns above all. This land is in a state of eternal light, thus, the sun never sets in this land. Currently, Zarina lives in the Land of Eternal Dusk with Buckley

  • She met Buckley in his home land the Land of Eternal Dawn. She met him when she travelled there for a photoshoot. It was love at first sight. He asked her out and one thing led to another until they eventually became a couple. Shortly after, both decided to move to the Land of Eternal Dusk. Buckley because of the lush forest and the big meadows and Zarina because of the paradisaic and vivid sky and landscape which is perfect for photoshoots 

  • In every land you can find the following rule: Every strongly marked anthropomorphic creature is actually a human being from either a different dimension and/or time, that's why these creatures are more human-like than other beings

  • She is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “deer-like” things like deer-like grunting, running quite fast and much more

  • She and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. She feels particularly close to her dear friends Xylia and Suzette. She has a kind of love-hate relationship with the former. Both of them share some similarities, such as their love for looking good and their vanity. However, Xylia is somewhat envious of Zarina because she has an almost perfect relationship, while she does not. Zarina, on the other hand, feels a bit envious of Xylia because she has such beautiful hair and sparkling fur. This can lead to the occasional argument. Fortunately, they always manage to find a way to reconcile

  • She has a vegetarian diet. She eats grass, vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more



Zarina belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Line art by Saberghatz, edited and coloured by Sylviparda