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Name: Xylia


Name Meaning: Xylia is a name of Greek origin and means "woodland- or wood-dweller" or simply "from the forest". It is also related to Sylvi's name


Species: German shorthair dog and African wild dog hybrid and fairy


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 8th October


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dawn


Height: 173 cm


Weight: 56 kg


Love Partner: None, but she is in love with Suzette


Children: None



Xylia is an anthropomorphic German shorthair dog and African wild dog with a slim and very feminine build. Her main fur colours are light and dark brown and she has white stripe- and spot-like markings on her entire body. She has gorgeous sparkling cyan fairy wings with mystical white stripes and swirls. Also, she has very long and massy light blonde hair which are usually tied together with a cute colourful ribbon. Her extremely long and fluffy tail stands out in particular. It is pretty light as a floor-dragger though, and its back is covered with special fur that has the same colours as her wings and which always sparkles very brightly and beautifully. The rest of the tail is light and dark brown and at its tip it has a white and dark brown striped pattern. She has bright cyan eyes with long and pretty eyelashes, a dark brown nose and adorable heart-shaped and striped ears. Either her right or left eye, depending on her hairstyle, are often covered by her hair. Her paw pads (beans) are dark brown. Xylia is very good-looking and widely considered as very attractive and enticing


Character Traits:

  • Friendly

  • Flirtatious

  • Seductive

  • Graceful

  • Extrovert

  • Athletic

  • Dance-crazy

  • Footloose

  • A bit vain

  • Reckless



  • Thanks to her beautiful fairy wings Xylia is able to fly, and that pretty high and far

  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  •  She can produce and emit light form her wings, cyan and white fur. No matter where she goes or flies, she always leaves a temporary trail of sparkles behind

  • Xylia can change the colours of plants and objects either temporary or permanently, depending on the amount of magical powers that are used. Permanent change of colour requires more energy. In addition, she can also make things sparkle and shine

  • She is an amazing dancer and singer. When she is dancing and/or singing, every creature and living being around her will feel better and will warm up their hearts

  • She is an absolute pick-up artist and can easily turn the head of creatures that are into females. She will only do this to anthropomorphic creatures which are single

  • She has an amazing scenting ability. She can track the location of almost every other creature, as long as she knows the scent of said being

  • Unlike other dogs, she can see almost all existing colours. She cannot see so well in the dark though



  • She can only change the colours of plants and objects, however, not the colours other creatures. Same goes for her sparkling and shining powers

  • Her sparkling trail cannot simply be "stopped". This makes it difficult for her to hide for example

  • Even though, she is a pick-up artist it difficult for her to find a solid relationship. Not only does she have fears of commitment, but she is also afraid that other creatures might not really be interested in her per se. This circumstance bothers her quite a lot, since she'd really love to find her one and only

  • Moreover, she is already in love, namely with beautiful Suzette. Both are secretly in love with each other, but neither dares to confess their feelings because they are best friends and don't want to risk their friendship. Additionally, she believes that Suzette may only be attracted to her because of her seductive magical powers, which is not the case. Both love each other sincerely, but this realization has not dawned on them yet

  • Dancing, singing, flying and flirting are her passions, is she not able to do one or several of them then she will get very sad and depressed

  • Her remarkable scenting ability does not always have a positive effect, bad odours can become an annoying problem

  • She is a bit vain and she hates it, when her hair gets messy or whenever she notices something about her appearance that is against her standards



  • Dancing, singing and partying

  • Flying

  • Flirting, especially with Suzette

  • Pretty, sparkling and colourful things

  • Beauty, Style and aesthetics

  • Elegance and gracefulness

  • Romantic things

  • Trees and wooden objects



  • Not being able to do any of her passions

  • Every kind of violence

  • Faded and dull things and places

  • Messy hair, dirt on her fur and the like

  • Boring places and lack of music

  • Not being able to confess her feelings to her crush Suzette

  • Being single

  • Bad odours


Further Information:

  • She was born in the Land of Eternal Dawn. This place is very similar to the Land of Eternal Dusk, but the land is in a state of eternal dawn. Thus the sky, the landscape, the plants etc. look different. In general, the colours of the Land of Eternal Dawn are more pastel-like, while the ones of the Land of Eternal Dusk are more intensive and vibrant. When it's about their population currently, it is difficult to tell where the individual inhabitants come from, since both lands are strongly connected and networked with each other. This particular alliance is responsible for the fact that their creatures bear a close resemblance to each other. It is therefore as good as impossible to tell which being was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk or Dawn. Currently, Xylia lives in the Land of Eternal Dusk, but she oftens returns to her home land

  • In every land you can find the following rule: Every strongly marked anthropomorphic creature is actually a human being from either a different dimension and/or time, that's why these creatures are more human-like than other beings

  • She is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “dog-like” things like barking, waggling her tail or howling

  • She and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. She has a kind of love-hate relationship with Zarina. Both of them share some similarities, such as their love for looking good and their vanity. However, Xylia is somewhat envious of Zarina because she has an almost perfect relationship, while she does not. Zarina, on the other hand, feels a bit envious of Xylia because she has such beautiful hair and sparkling fur. This can lead to the occasional argument. Fortunately, they always manage to find a way to reconcile

  • As mentioned earlier, she is quite deeply in love with her best friend Suzette and therefore feels particularly close to her

  • She is a cis-female and pansexual, for finding love, gender is not important at all to her

  • She has a vegetarian diet, even though she is a dog. She eats vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more



Xylia belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Xylia was drawn, designed and adopted from SweetnSaltySelects