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Name: Taiyo


Name Meaning: Taiyo means “sun” in Japanese and it is also a kind of sunflower

Pokémon: Espeon

Dex No.: 196

Type: Psychic

Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 31st July

Age Group: Teenager


Pokéball: Heal Ball


Region of Birth: Alola


Height: 0.90 m


Weight: 26 kg


Cry: Standard cry in a slightly lower pitch

Mother: Dafina (Sylveon)

Father: Teru (Espeon)

OT (Original Trainer): Alexandra/Alexi

Love Partner: Marigold


Child(ren): None

Ability: Magic Bounce

Contest(s): Beauty


Occupation: Companion Pokémon


Coloration: Golden


A golden Espeon with:

  • Special golden colours

  • A somewhat muscular body

  • Slightly shorter ears with two ear tips each

  • A shorter, more fluffy tail, with the two shorter tail tips

  • Normal, usual tufts of fur under his ears

  • A round, well-shaped head

  • Mid-sized copperish-orange eyes

  • A red gem on his forehead with a dark red dot in its middle, which is located inside the gem

  • A special orange marking right above his gem

  • A small black nose with an oval form

  • A comparatively bigger mouth


Nature: Hasty


Characteristic: Strong willed


Character Traits:

  • Warm-hearted

  • Cheerful

  • Optimistic

  • Enthusiastic

  • Ambitious

  • Determined

  • Energetic

  • Adventurous

  • Overzealous

  • Self-willed


Base Stats:

HP 65

Attack 40

Defense 55

Sp. Attack 130

Sp. Defense 100

Speed 135


Move Set:

  • Psyshock
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Morning Sun
  • Sunny Day


Held Item(s) (varies):


  • Leftovers

  • Heat Rock



  • Blue Scarf



  • His family, his love Marigold, Titania, Oberon, his trainer and friends

  • Spending time with his beloved ones

  • Adventures and exciting activities

  • A positive and happy way of thinking and having fun and being full of joy

  • He loves it when things can be started and done as fast as possible

  • Warmth, daylight and the sun

  • Peace



  • Rudeness

  • Irreverence

  • Coldness

  • Sadness

  • Slowness

  • Boredom

  • Serious and evil violence



In general:

  • His warm heart of gold

  • His strong will, determination and high perseverance

  • His optimistic and cheerful nature

  • His strong ambition and attitude to never give up, no matter what happens

  • Him being full of energy and always on the move

  • His very tender and charming behaviour

  • His ability to cheer up the sad ones and making everybody happy


In battle:

  • His high speed

  • His comparatively-high special defense

  • His high energy-level

  • His determination and optimistic way of thinking



In general:

  • He tends to be too overzealous and often rushes into things without thinking it over first

  • He sometimes loses his patience when something takes longer than expected or if something doesn’t work as planned

  • His energetic and enthusiastic nature causes him often to do too imprudent or dangerous things and it’s difficult to stop him once he has set his mind on those

  • He is very self-willed and a free spirit, he often clings to an opinion or idea and it’s very difficult to change his mind about it

  • He doesn’t like it if a situation gets too depressing, sad or serious, that can cause him discomfort


In battle:

  • His low defense

  • His average HP

  • Just like every Espeon does he have problems battling at night

  • He tends to battle too risky

  • He’s often too gentle and caring to take part in a battle

Characteristic Feature:

  • Taiyo’s main characteristic feature is warm-heartedness, also cheerfulness and optimism, these are also implied by the colours orange, yellow and gold

  • He also stands for determination, ambition, enthusiasm and spirit of adventure


Further Information:

  • Taiyo is a companion Pokémon, which means, that he rarely takes part in battles or contests, but he is always at his trainer’s side and they have a deep bond between each other

  • He is the only Espeon known with those special base stats

  • He has a very unique and special coloration: He is a golden Pokémon. Golden Pokémon are extremely rare, even rarer than shiny Pokémon, only a very small number of golden Pokémon have been found for hundreds of years now! Golden Pokémon are also known to be the “shiniest of the shiny Pokémon” and just like shiny Pokémon do they sparkle in certain occasions, but in very bright golden and yellow colours with a loud and unique sparkling sound

  • Taiyo is named after the Japanese word “Taiyō” (太陽), which means “sun”. Taiyo is also a kind of sunflower

  • The red gem with the dark red dot in its middle and its orange marking look like the alchemic symbol for gold and the sun

  • Before evolution he was an Eevee with golden colours instead of the usual brown or grey colours

  • He was raised by his parents in the wild of Alola until he and his family were found by Alexi and some of her Pokémon including Titania, Oberon and Marigold, which were searching for other golden Pokémon. He and Marigold immediately fell in love with each other and eventually, Taiyo and his family were adopted by Alexi. From that day on, Alexi is their trainer and they all live happily with her and her Pokémon in the Kalos and sometimes in the Alola Region, as the case may be

  • He has an entirely vegetarian diet, just like his parents, trainer and the other Espeons, which means no other Pokémon will be consumed including Grass type Pokémon!

  • His signature colour is gold, but orange and yellow can also be numbered among it
















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