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Name: Sylviparda


Name Meaning: Sylviparda is a combination of "Sylveon" and "Leopard". Coincidentally, she shares her name with Sylvi's alias. The latter does not derive from the term "Sylveon" but from the word "sylph" a kind of fairy

Species: Sylveon and Amur leopard hybrid

Dex No.: 700

Type: Fairy and Normal (Fusion and Sylphid form), Normal and Fairy (Pardus form) and Fairy and Dark (Melanin form)

Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 07th March 2020

Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Sylviparda's biological parents are unknown. Her egg was found by a female Amur leopard of our dimension. It must have travelled from the Pokémon dimension to ours by some kind of wormhole. The Amur leopard took really good care of it. She always made sure to keep it warm and secure at any time. All of her dedication led to certain changes to the unborn Eevee in the egg. Its unstable DNA changed and eventually, she became an Eevee and Amur leopard hybrid. She turned into a special light yellow Eevee with light pink and light blue leopard print After hatching the adoptive mother gave her baby further love and care which finally caused the evolution into half a Sylveon


Height: 1.00 m


Weight: 21 kg


Cry: Standard Pokémon cry in a higher pitch/she can also roar, purr and can make other leopard-like sounds

Love Partner: None


Child(ren): None

(Pokémon)Ability: Pixilate (all forms)

Contest(s): Cuteness



A Sylveon and Amur leopard hybrid with:

  • One main form: Fusion form, two different sub-forms: Sylphid and Pardus form and one special form: Melanin form

  • The standard Sylveon colours (Sylphid form), yellow, leopard-like colours (Pardus form), a combination of all her sub-form colours (Fusion form) and black with yellow, pink and light blue colours (Melanin form)

  • Amur leopard-like spots on her whole body except the belly and tips of ribbon bands

  • Two long and curvy yellow (Sylphid form), pink (Pardus form) or both yellow and pink (Fusion and Melanin form) wisps of hair under her right ear

  • A slim body

  • Three lines on each paw

  • Two smaller and more roundish ears with big cat-like tips and a darker colour inside (except for her Fusion form, where the inside of her ears are lighter)

  • A very long, bushy and leopard-like tail with two small tips which resemble the tips of a Sylveons tail

  • Small bows and ribbons with leopard spots

  • A round head

  • Cat-shaped light blue eyes with two pointy lines on each side (just like the cat eyes makeup)

  • A small pink cat-like nose, mouth and snout

  • Three long black whiskers on each side


Nature: Gentle


Characteristic: Often lost in thought


Character Traits:

  • Kind

  • Joyful

  • Cheerful

  • Very playful

  • Often overexcited

  • Sometimes a bit lazy

  • Clingy


Base Stats (Fusion Form):

HP 100

Attack 85

Defense 75

Sp. Attack 85

Sp. Defense 105

Speed 75


Base Stats (Sylphid Form):

HP 95

Attack 65

Defense 65

Sp. Attack 110

Sp. Defense 130

Speed 60

(Standard Sylveon stats)


Base Stats (Pardus Form):

HP 100

Attack 110

Defense 85

Sp. Attack 60

Sp. Defense 80

Speed 90


Base Stats (Melanin Form):

HP 95

Attack 105

Defense 85

Sp. Attack 75

Sp. Defense 85

Speed 80


Move Set (Fusion Form):

  • Hyper Voice

  • Double-Edge

  • Iron Tail

  • Wish


Move Set (Sylphid Form):

  • Hyper Voice

  • Heal Bell

  • Wish

  • Calm Mind


Move Set (Pardus Form):

  • Play Rough

  • Double-Edge

  • Quick Attack

  • Iron Tail


Move Set (Melanin Form):

  • Shadow Ball

  • Curse

  • Dark Pulse (only possible in this form)

  • Crunch (only possible in this form)


Held Item(s) (varies):


  • Leftovers

  • Pixie Plate



  • Pink Scarf



  • The people, animals and Pokémon that are close to her

  • Spending time with her beloved ones

  • Playing

  • Peace

  • Cuddling

  • Loafing

  • Cute things

  • Nature

  • Flowers

  • Learning new things

  • And much more :D



  • Rudeness

  • Evilness

  • Unkindness

  • Loneliness

  • Serious and evil violence

  • Crimes against any living being

  • Loud noises

  • Too much activity


Further Information:

  • Sylviparda has most of the abilities of a Sylveon and an Amur leopard, which means that she can use Pokémon moves or climb trees very well for instance

  • She is able to split her main Fusion Form into one of her two sub-forms (Sylphid and Pardus form) at almost any time. This does not only change her fur colours, but also her abilities, powers, moves and stats: In her Fusion form her stats are evenly balanced. When being in her Sylphid form her Sylveon abilities, powers and attributes are stronger and hence, being able to use her special moves and powers in the best way possible. The disadvantages of this form is that her Amur leopard powers are weakened, which causes her to be more vulnerable and less agile and which lowers her physical attack powers. When being in her Pardus form her Amur leopard abilities, powers and attributes are stronger, which means that she can use her physical moves and powers in the most ideal way. The problem here is, however, that her Sylveon powers and, thus special attack powers are lowered. The form change requires quite the amount of energy, which means that she always has to recharge first for a few hours before being able to change her form into her main or other sub-form once again

  • She can turn into her special Melanin form by touching a Dusk Stone at either a new or full moon night. After a few hours of recharging she is able to turn back into her main or one of her sub-forms again

  • She receives a new type when in her Melanin form which is the dark type. She then also knows moves, like Dark Pulse and Crunch, which a Sylveon cannot learn under normal circumstances

  • "Sylphid" refers to sylph and fairy, "Pardus" means "leopard" in Latin and "Melanin" is a pigment which is responsible for the darker colouration in the skin and hair/fur and Melanism is a special condition which can occur in Leopards and other animals, which turns their fur black or darker due to the increased development of this pigment

  • The colour of her wisps of hair refer to her respective other form when being in one of her sub-forms

  • Besides her four "Sylviparda" forms she can also transforms into five additional  "Sylvipanthera" forms (Sylviparda herself is a Sylvipanthera too) by eating special kinds of berries: The Tigri-Berry transforms her into Sylvitigris, the Unci-Berry into Sylviuncia, the Nebu-Berry into Sylvinebulosa, the Onca-Berry into Sylvionca and the Leo-Berry into Sylvileoness. Each of these Sylvipanthera forms have a different type combination and different abilities (further information about them can be seen here). The effect of these transformations wears off after about 24 hours and then she turns back into Sylviparda again

  • She has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though she is partly a leopard and although she has fangs just like a regular Sylveon. Her favourite foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sweet treats

  • She and Mage are best friends and even consider each other as sisters

  • Thanks to Mage's power she can travel through different dimensions, like the one of the Pokémon or our world. Currently, she lives in the Pokémon world together with Mage

  • She is afraid of fire and electricity, which causes her to be weaker to those two types than in normal cases

  • She participates in friendly and harmless Pokémon battles only

  • She is very friendly and a big animal lover, she would never hurt other animals or creatures



Sylviparda is my mascot. She is a very joyful, sweet and gentle creature, as you can look up on her description and biography below. I even own a mascot head and very cute onesies of her of each form which you can gaze here. The head was made by amazing "vertseh" and the onesies by the talented cosplayer, which calls herself "Pretzl". You should definitely check out their awesome work. In addition, Sylviparda is the mascot of my Twitch channel and the channel is also named after her. Feel free to check it out, if you are interested in watching some of my streams :)   


It is truly an amazing feeling to wear these cuddly "cosplays" and to feel like a joyful Sylveon and Amur leopard hybrid :D

Plush made by Sewpoke


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