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My main Pokésona Sylviparda belongs to the so called "Sylvipantheras". In general, a Sylvipanthera is a Sylveon and big cat hybrid and there are six different kinds of Sylvipantheras in total: Sylviparda, Sylvitigris, Sylviuncia, Sylvinebulosa, Sylvionca and Sylvileoness. The former is the main or standard Sylvipanthera form and she has the ability to transform into one of the latter five forms at a time after consuming one of five certain berries. These kinds of tranformations are only temporary which means that these five forms do not exist permanently, only Sylviparda does. They usually wear off after about 24 hours and then, the Sylvipanthera in questions turns back into Sylviparda again. The chart below visualizes this whole phenomenon.










Names: Sylviparda, Sylvitigris, Sylviuncia, Sylvinebulosa, Sylvionca and Sylvileoness


Name Meanings:

  • Sylviparda is a combination of "Sylveon" and the Latin word for leopard "pardus"

  • Sylvitigris is a combination of "Sylveon" and the Latin word for tiger "tigris"

  • Sylviuncia is a combination of "Sylveon" and the Latin word for snow leopard "uncia"

  • Sylvinebulosa is a combination of "Sylveon" and the Latin word for clouded leopard "nebulosa"

  • Sylvionca is a combination of "Sylveon" and the Latin word for jaguar "onca"

  • Sylvileoness is a combination of "Sylveon" and the Latin word for lion "leo"


  • Sylviparda: Sylveon and Amur leopard hybrid

  • Sylvitigris: Sylveon and Siberian tiger hybrid

  • Sylviuncia: Sylveon and snow leopard hybrid

  • Sylvinebulosa: Sylveon and clouded leopard hybrid

  • Sylvionca: Sylveon and jaguar hybrid

  • Sylvileoness: Sylveon and lioness hybrid

Dex No.: 700


  • Sylviparda: Fairy and Normal (Fusion and Sylphid form), Normal and Fairy (Pardus form) and Fairy and Dark (Melanin form)

  • Sylvitigris: Fairy and Grass

  • Sylviuncia: Fairy and Ice

  • Sylvinebulosa: Fairy and Flying

  • Sylvionca: Fairy and Water

  • Sylvileoness: Fairy and Psychic

Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 7th March 2020

Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Our world



  • Sylviparda: 1.00 m

  • Sylvitigris: 1.15 m

  • Sylviuncia: 1.00 m

  • Sylvinebulosa: 0.90 m

  • Sylvionca: 1.05 m

  • Sylvileoness: 1.10 m



  • Sylviparda: 21 kg

  • Sylvitigris: 23.5 kg

  • Sylviuncia: 21.5 kg

  • Sylvinebulosa: 20 kg

  • Sylvionca: 22 kg

  • Sylvileoness: 23 kg


Cry: Standard Pokémon cry in a slightly higher pitch/they can also roar, purr and can make other big cat-like sounds

Love Partner: None


Child(ren): None

(Pokémon)Ability: Pixilate

Contest(s): Cuteness


Appearances (see pictures):


































Nature: Gentle


Characteristic: Often lost in thought


Character Traits:

  • Kind

  • Joyful

  • Cheerful

  • Very playful

  • Often overexcited

  • Sometimes a bit Lazy

  • Clingy


Base Stats:



Sylviparda: See here



HP 100

Attack 100

Defense 75

Sp. Attack 100

Sp. Defense 95

Speed 55



HP 95

Attack 55

Defense 75

Sp. Attack 130

Sp. Defense 110

Speed 60



HP 85

Attack 110

Defense 60

Sp. Attack 55

Sp. Defense 95

Speed 120



HP 100

Attack 105

Defense 75

Sp. Attack 60

Sp. Defense 75

Speed 110



HP 95

Attack 55

Defense 70

Sp. Attack 135

Sp. Defense 110

Speed 60


Special Abilities:

  • Sylviparda: Is the standard form and can change from her main form (Fusion) into three other forms (Sylphid, Pardus and Melanin) and into the other five Sylvipantheras by consuming the corresponding berry. She is specialised in using Fairy, Normal and Dark (Melanin Form) type moves. Please see further information about her here

  • Sylvitigris: Has the ability to let and help plants grow. She can also heal and regenerate sick or withered plants. Her coat is somewhat thick and cuddly and full of chloroplasts which do photosynthesis. Since she is fully able to gain her whole energy through photosynthesis, it is not required for her to eat anything, but she still can eat though if she wants to. She is specialised in using Fairy and Grass type moves

  • Sylviuncia: Can absorb water from the air to create stable and pretty durable ice crystals and blocks. She is also able to withstand extremely cold weather conditions and can walk on snow, ice or steep rocks without any problems. This is also because of her very thick and cuddly coat which is very shiny and sparkly due to very small ice crystals that are covering huge parts of her fur. She is specialised in using Fairy and Ice type moves

  • Sylvinebulosa: can fly very high and far with her big feathery white wings. Thanks to a special intrinsic power she does not require a lot of oxygen to breathe, and her thick and cuddly coat always keeps her warm even in very cold areas. This means that she can fly even at heights that have rare air and which are quite cold. Her very long tail helps her to always keep her body balanced during flight even when there is strong wind or even a storm. She is specialised in using Fairy and Flying type moves

  • Sylvionca: is, with her fin-like tail, the perfect swimmer and diver. She can swim very far and dive to deep underwater areas. Due to her gills (in addition to her lungs) she has the ability to breath under water. Thanks to a special hydrophobic layer on her fur her very short and close-lying coat will never get wet, even when being under water. She is specialised in using Fairy and Water type moves

  • Sylvileoness: is a very intelligent and smart creature which can usually solve even the most hardest of problems and riddles. She also has a fantastic, mostly photographic, memory and she is extremely empathic, as if she could almost feel exactly how others are feeling and are perceiving things. She is also able to move around quite heavy object thanks to her strong special psychic powers. Her coat is short and very soft and its light purple colouration has a calming and soothing effect to the ones that look at it. She is specialised in using Fairy and Psychic type moves


Move Sets:


Sylviparda: See here



  • Hyper Voice

  • Giga Drain(only possible in this form)

  • Play Rough

  • Leaf Blade (only possible in this form)



  • Hyper Voice

  • Ice Beam (only possible in this form)

  • Aurora Veil (only possible in this form)

  • Hail (only possible in this form)



  • Play Rough

  • Fly (only possible in this form)

  • Defog (only possible in this form)

  • Roost (only possible in this form)



  • Double-Edge

  • Play Rough

  • Liquidation (only possible in this form)

  • Aqua Jet (only possible in this form)



  • Hyper Voice

  • Psychic (only possible in this form)

  • Psyshock

  • Calm Mind


Held Item(s) (varies):


  • Mainly Leftovers



  • Pink Scarf



  • The people, animals and Pokémon that are close to them

  • Spending time with her beloved ones

  • Playing

  • Peace

  • Cuddling

  • Loafing

  • Cute things

  • Nature

  • Flowers

  • Learning new things

  • And much more :D



  • Rudeness

  • Evilness

  • Unkindness

  • Loneliness

  • Serious and evil violence

  • Crimes against any living being

  • Loud noises

  • Too much physical activity


Further Information:

  • All of the five berries grow on rare trees which are very difficult to find. They exist in both, our and the Pokémon world

  • The berries are inspired by the following: Tigri-Berry: Cashew apple, Unci-Berry: Square watermelon, Nebu-Berry: Cotton, Onca-Berry: Water apple, Leo-Berry: Mangosteen

  • All of them are Fairy type with a different secondary type. They also know moves which a Sylveon cannot learn under normal circumstances

  • Just as Sylviparda they all have an entirely vegetarian diet, even though they are partly big cats and although they have fangs just like a regular Sylveon. Their favourite foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sweet treats

  • Just as Sylviparda they can travel through different dimensions, like the one of the Pokémon world, our world, or even the world of The Land of Eternal Dusk

  • They participate in friendly and harmless Pokémon battles only

  • They are very friendly and big animal lovers, they would never hurt other animals or creatures


The Sylvipantheras belong to Sylviparda (website owner)

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