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Name: Splitley


Name Meaning: "Splitley" is derived from the word "split", which in turn comes from the term "banana split"


Species: Bearded collie and jack Russell terrier mix


Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 25th August


Age Group: Teenager


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dawn


Shoulder Height: 42 cm


Weight: 15 kg


Love Partner: None


Children: None



Splitley is a quirky teenage bearded collie and jack Russell terrier mix with a regular build. He is inspired by the banana split dessert and his main fur colour is a light yellow. His body is covered with brown spots which shall represent chocolate sauce. Smaller and larger spots can be found. Particularly striking is the large spot on his back, the cute spot around his left eye, and the brown tip of his tail. Additionally, his paws and the ankles of his hind legs share the same colouration. Splitley has quite long and fluffy cream hair on top of his head which cover his right eye. His belly, the inside of his front legs and of his ears, the bottom of his paws and his snout are coloured in the same shade of cream. His tail has the shape of a banana and his ears are slightly folded. Splitely has pretty yellow eyes, a large dark brown nose and a yellow tongue. His paw pads (beans) are dark brown and the small spots on his face look similar to freckles


Character Traits:

  • "Hard shell, soft core"

  • Good-hearted

  • Swag

  • Sensitive

  • Moody

  • Indifferent

  • Often gloomy

  • Often angsty

  • A bit "emo-like"

  • Dogged



  • Splitley's fur has a particularly pleasant scent. It smells like fresh bananas and chocolate. These scents stimulate the appetite and vitalizes the creatures around him

  • Splitley has the amazing ability to make mini-banana trees with already ripe mini-bananas grow almost anywhere he wants. However, after being fully harvested, these trees disappear again. This process requires more or less magical energy depending on the size of the tree and the amount of baby bananas that grow on them

  • He is able to conjure chocolate sauce. This can range from warm to frosty temperatures. However, he cannot produce hot chocolate that could burn others

  • Splitley can generate snow to a certain extent. However, this only works if the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius. He is not able to produce ice

  • He is able to withstand and endure extreme cold without suffering any harm. Additionally, he can even tolerate warmer temperatures as well

  • He has the ability of speech and he speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course he is able to interact with his fellow species and other animals and creatures. He can even translate to a certain extent

  • He can produce and emit light form his whole body. That way he can lighten up the night in many different colours

  • Unlike other dogs, he can see almost all existing colours. He cannot see so well in the dark though



  • He can't simply "turn off" his sweet banana and chocolate scent, making it difficult for him to hide for example

  • He is a quite moody and angsty teen. That means he has better or worse days, and sometimes his mood can change suddenly, even without reason. This is often difficult for him, and he tends to withdraw from others, trying to hide or suppress his feelings as much as possible

  • When he's in a bad mood, he often appears downcast and prefers to be alone. Additionally, he frequently exhibits an "I don't care or whatever" attitude, which serves as a sort of defence mechanism. However, Splitley never means any harm, and he never truly disregards others' feelings. It's just often challenging for him to manage all his mood swings

  • Just as Sylvi, Nippy, Nera etc. whenever he would lose his magical powers for whatever reason, he will turn into an ordinary bearded collie and jack Russell terrier mix with a cream coat and brown spots. His eye colours would also change into a light brown colour and his tail would change its shape into an ordinary fluffy dog-tail. This form is called "Prior Form"



  • Emotional stability

  • Bananas and chocolate

  • Being understood, especially by adult creatures

  • Chilling and hanging out, especially with other teens

  • Being swag and things and activities which are considered as "cool"

  • His friends and close ones

  • Appreciation

  • Peace

  • Ease and not too much seriousness

  • Snow and rain (when feeling down)



  • Mood swings

  • Showing weakness or certain emotions

  • Being misunderstood

  • Feeling angsty and gloomy

  • All kind of violence

  • Strict rules and when others tell him what to do

  • Things he considers as "cringe" and "uncool"

  • Being judged or criticized by others, especially other teens

  • When certain things do not get his way

  • Meanness


Further Information:

  • He has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though he is a dog. His favourite foods are vegetables, fruits and nuts, especially bananas, ice cream and chocolate

  • He was born in the Land of Eternal Dawn. This place is very similar to the Land of Eternal Dusk, but the land is in a state of eternal dawn. Thus the sky, the landscape, the plants etc. look different. In general, the colours of the Land of Eternal Dawn are more pastel-like, while the ones of the Land of Eternal Dusk are more intensive and vibrant. When it's about their population currently, it is difficult to tell where the individual inhabitants come from, since both lands are strongly connected and networked with each other. This particular alliance is responsible for the fact that their creatures bear a close resemblance to each other. It is therefore as good as impossible to tell which being was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk or Dawn. He and his family recently moved to the Land of Eternal Dusk because they needed a change of scenery. They like it very much there and plan to stay for a longer period

  • He and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. He gets along particularly well with the other teenagers, especially with Opalia, Nijiko and Klex

  • Spitley is still a Teenager and one of the youngest of the here introduced characters


Splitley belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Splitley was drawn, designed and adopted from Frostology (Toyhouse)