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Name: Sparkira


Name Meaning: The name "Sparkira" is a combination of the English term "sparkle" and the name "Kira". The latter has several meanings, in Sanskrit it may be derived from "Kiran" which means "beam of light" and in Japan it stands for "glittery and shining"


Species: Amur leopard


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 13th March


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Night


Height: 174 cm


Weight: 56 kg


Love Partner: Glint


Children: Opalia



Sparkira is a gorgeous anthropomorphic Amur leopardess with slim and elegant built. She is a very colourful creatures with a very vibrant coat. Starting from her bellybutton in the front and base of her tail in the back, on both sides there extends a rainbow-like circular spectrum of colours that runs throughout her entire body. On her forehead and top of her head there is similar but linear spectrum which reaches to the tips of her ears. A similar linear spectrum can also be observed on her long fluffy tail. The only parts on her body which are not covered with these colours are her chest fingers, toes, snout, eyelids and inside of her ears which are white. The colourful parts of her fur are covered with pretty and sparkling gemstones. These gems are surrounded by leopard spots which are typical for Amur leopards. The type of gemstone and the colour of the spots depend on the colour of the fur underneath. The following kinds can be observed: Citrine, topaz, ruby, pink tourmaline, amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine and emerald. In addition, Sparkira has a white sparkle-like marking on her forehead which is partly covered by a special round gemstone that cannot be found anywhere else. It contains all the colours found on her fur in the form of a sparkle-like pattern. Her eye colour contains these different colours as well so, she does not have only one eye colour, but several. Sparkira's nose and paw pads (beans) are light pink


Character Traits:

  • A heart of gold

  • Very generous

  • Precious

  • Fancy

  • Fabulous

  • Very Crafty

  • Creative

  • Ever-smiling

  • Pretty vain

  • A little bit superficial



  • Sparkira has the incredible ability to grow gemstones from her fur or body. These gems can even be "harvested" without causing her any harm. Each "harvested" gem is immediately replaced by an almost identical one, so she never has any gaps in her fur. However, the number of gems that can be "harvested" is limited by her energy level. The more magical energy she has, the more gems can be detached from her. At most, about 20 gems can be collected per day. The special gemstone on her forehead cannot get separated from her body

  • She produces and emits light form her whole body constantly. That way she can lighten up the night in many different colours. The way she glows is particularly strong and bright. Unlike other creatures, the glowing requires almost no energy and she has the ability to vary the intensity of her glowing from a dimmed one to a dazzling bright one. Even the highest degree consumes only a small amount of energy. This glowing cannot be turned off though

  • She has the ability to make certain objects and even creatures glow temporarily in all sorts of colours

  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  • Sparkira is a very talented crafter and jeweller. Together with her husband Glint she is able to craft the most gorgeous and high quality jewellery. Most of the time she uses her own gemstones

  • She has a pretty good night vision and can see quite well in the dark. She cannot see through the dark in the Land of Eternal Darkness though. She can also see almost all existing colours



  • Her glowing cannot simply be "stopped". She can dim it to a certain extent, but not turn it off. This makes it difficult for her to hide for example

  • As mentioned earlier, only a limited number of gemstones can be "harvested" from her body, around 20 pieces. Further collection would not be permitted by her body, and the gemstones cannot be detached from her body

  • She tends to be overly generous and sometimes wants to give others too much of her precious belongings, especially her own gemstones

  • She is somewhat vain and sometimes overly superficial in certain situations, which can lead to conflicts with her and other beings



  • Gemstones, jewels and jewellery

  • Crafting, being creative and creating jewellery

  • Giving and making others happy

  • Her husband Glint, her daughter Opalia and friends

  • Colourful, sparkling and shiny things

  • Beauty, fashion and elegance

  • A clean, always well-groomed, and shiny coat

  • Peace



  • Greed

  • Crimes, especially theft

  • Faded and dull things and places

  • Lack of beauty and aesthetics

  • Getting her fur or body dirty

  • When others take advantage of her generosity

  • Irreverence

  • Every kind of violence


Further Information:

  • She was born in the Land of Eternal Night a gorgeous land which is full of colourful and glowing plants and creatures. As the name implies, the land is in a state of eternal night. It is a very soothing and peaceful land. Some time ago, she, her husband Glint and her daughter Opalia moved to the Land of Eternal Dusk to open their own jewellery business. Additionally, they have always been a fan of this beautiful and colourful land

  • In every land you can find the following rule: Every strongly marked anthropomorphic creature is actually a human being from either a different dimension and/or time, that's why these creatures are more human-like than other beings

  • She is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “Amur leopard-like” things like roaring, purring and climbing

  • She and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. Her family means the world to her and she is still very in love with her husband Glint. She cares a lot about her daughter Opalia, but she and Glint don't always have an easy time with her, as she can be quite rebellious and moody at times. This occasionally leads to minor family dramas, but fortunately, they don't last long

  • She has a vegetarian diet, even though she is an Amur leopardess. She eats vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more


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