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Secondary Fursona

Name: Enfys


Name Meaning: "Enfys" means "rainbow" in Welsh


Species: Feline and canine hybrid, she is partly leopard, tiger, cat, dog, wolf and fox


Gender: Female (she/her)


Day of Birth: 12th January 1994


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: She comes from a different dimension or alternate universe respectively, thus not from the Tempus Lux dimension. Acutally, she lives on a planet called "Arcus Pluvius"


Height: 171 cm


Weight: 54 kg


Companion: Miku


Love Partner: Zagan's alternate Fursona


Children: None



Enfys is an anthropomorphic feline and canine hybrid, encompassing six different species: She is partly leopard, tiger, cat, dog, wolf and fox. For example, black leopard spots and black tiger stripes can be found all over her body. She has a very bushy tail like that of a wolf or fox, and many features on her body, such as the nose, ears, paws, etc., are a mix of both feline and canine characteristics. She is very colourful and her overall theme is a rainbow. From her thighs up to her ears, she is coloured in shades of light red, orange, yellow, light green, teal, light blue, and violet-blue. From the teal shoulders down to the elbows, she is light blue and violet-blue. On her cheeks, there is a large orange spot on each side, mixed with some yellow. Her tail also exhibits a rainbow-like colouring: its hues transition from teal, light green, yellow, orange to light red from its base to the tip. The underside of the tail, as well as her belly, chest, inner thighs, lower legs, buttocks, forearms, neck, paws, muzzle, cheek fluff, eyelids and the inside of her ears and of the leopard spots, are all white. Enfys has beautiful lang slightly waved black hair which reaches down to the base of her tail. It has colourful tips including all of her six colours of the rainbow. Sometimes, she straightens her hair or styles it into another cute hairstyle. Enfys has human-like hands with black nails. Her feet paws are more animal-like and they have adorable light pink paw pads (beans). She moves and stands in a plantigrade style. Her heart-shaped nose and ear tips are black and she has pretty yellow eyes with dark orange pupils


Character Traits:

  • Kind

  • A bit awkward and crazy

  • Sometimes overexcited

  • A little shy

  • Sensitive

  • Lazy

  • Very clingy (especially towards her sweetheart)

  • Devoted (especially towards her hobbies and passions)

  • Generous

  • Sometimes a bit unconfident



  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  • She is a very empathetic creature and cares a lot about other creatures. For example, when she senses that someone feels bad or down, she will not hesitate to try helping and cheering them up

  • She is able to see in the dark and, unlike other felines and canines, she can see almost all existing colours



  • Gaming

  • Drawing

  • Cosplaying

  • Visiting conventions

  • Watching movies and TV-shows

  • Taking photos and photo editing

  • Collecting (especially push toys and costumes)

  • Working on own personal projects

  • Spending time with family/friends/boyfriend

  • Going out, parying and clubbing

  • Listening to music

  • To chill

  • Going for a leisurely walk outdoors



  • The fact that she is not able to help and cheer up every single creatures makes her often feel sad and down. She wishes everybody could be happy somehow

  • Enfys sometimes tends to feel overwhelmed when a lot of creatures are in need of her support at once. She then tries to please everybody and it can happen that she then ignores her own needs and feelings



  • Her boyfriend, family and friends

  • Spending time with her beloved ones

  • Costumes and Cosplays

  • Streaming (just as a hobby)

  • All kinds of cute and colourful things

  • Thinking deeply and dreaming

  • Her OC's

  • Pokémon and many other games

  • Disney’s Recess

  • Cats, big cats and many other animals

  • Love

  • Respect

  • Peace

  • Happiness and kindness

  • Funny things and memes

  • Learning new things

  • Meeting new people, animals, and Pokémon o And much more :D



  • Rudeness

  • Irreverence

  • Evilness

  • Unkindness

  • Disloyalty

  • Loneliness

  • Serious and evil violence

  • Humourlessness and too much seriousness

  • Narrowmindedness

  • Discriminations of any kind

  • Crimes against any living being

  • Hypocrisy

  • Loud noises

  • Intense physical exercise


Further Information:

  • Enfys comes from a planet called "Arcus Pluvius", a gorgeous planet which is shining in all the colours of the rainbow. On this planet, the sun rises and sets just like on our planet Earth, so there are no perpetual states of daytimes as is the case with Tempus Lux

  • Arcus Pluvius exists in a different dimension than Tempus Lux. Thus, Enfys and Miku do not live in the Tempus Lux universe. Enfys is actually Sylvi from another dimension. That's why they also share the same characteristics (except for the appearance) and almost the same abilities

  • She is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “feline- and canine-like” things like purring, meowing, climbing, barking, howling and much more

  • She has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though she is a feline and canine hybrid. Her favourite foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sweet treats



3D Model:


Enfys belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Enfys was drawn, designed and adopted from TinySoyBoyShop

Base used was made by Teranen

3D Model by Yacare KB