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Name: Opalia


Name Meaning: The name "Opalia" is a variation of the term "opal," which stands for a very colourful gemstone


Species: Amur leopard and African leopard hybrid


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 10th October


Age Group: Teenager


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Night


Height: 162 cm


Weight: 50 kg


Love Partner: None, but she is secretly in love wiht Irida


Children: None



Since she is the biological daughter of Sparkira and Glint, she bears certain resemblances to her parents. She has nearly the same leopard spots as her father, and like her mother, her design focuses on the gemstone theme. However, only one gemstone grows from her body: the beautiful and colourful opal, which grows just below her neck. This opal can be harvested and continuously regrows, similar to Sparkira’s gemstones. What makes her special is her leucism, meaning that most of her fur is white or lighter than usual. Her primary fur colour is a very light grey, almost white. Her paws, snout, parts of her belly and chest, the stripes on her tail, and the tip of her tail are completely white. Like her father, Opalia has black outer spots and colourful inner spots that glow and resemble neon colours. Colours like pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, and purple can be admired on her body. However, the colour distribution is slightly different from Glint's. Additionally, she has some spots similar to those of an Amur leopard, which she evidently inherited from her mother. Her stunning rainbow-coloured eyes, which glow and sparkle brightly, also seem to come from her mother. Opalia has quite funky short hair on her head that slightly covers her face. Its strands are very colourful and exhibit the same colours as her spots but in a lighter, pastel tone. This pastel tone is also present on her paw pads (beans), which shine in pink, light yellow, light orange, light green, light blue, and light purple. The same light yellow and pink can be seen on the tip of her tail, positioned between three white stripes. She has a cute little pink nose, pink inner ears, and black claws


Character Traits:

  • Good-hearted

  • Headstrong

  • Stubborn

  • Rebellious

  • Independent

  • Punkish

  • Somewhat moody

  • Quite tough

  • Bold

  • Musical



  • As already mentioned, Opalia has the ability to grow one colourful opal from her fur or body, which always grows right under her neck and above her chest. This gem can even be "harvested" without causing her any harm. The then "harvested" gem is immediately replaced by an almost identical one, so this part of her body is always adorned with a pretty opal. However, the number of opals that can be "harvested" is limited by her energy level. The more magical energy she has, the more gems can be detached from her. At most, about 5 opals can be collected per day

  • The colourful parts of her spots produce and emit light constantly. Therefore, they stand out particularly and almost look like RGB lights. The way they glow is particularly strong and bright. Unlike other creatures, the glowing requires almost no energy and she has the ability to vary the intensity of her glowing from a dimmed one to a dazzling bright one, and even in different orders. Even the highest degree consumes only a small amount of energy. This glowing cannot be turned off though

  • She has the ability to make certain objects and even creatures glow temporarily in all sorts of colours

  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  • Opalia is really good at playing the guitar and drums. She loves rocking out as wildly as possible and is very good at it. Her rock music energizes the creatures who listen to it, activating them and getting them completely pumped

  • She has a pretty good night vision and can see quite well in the dark. She cannot see through the dark in the Land of Eternal Darkness though. She can also see almost all existing colours



  • Her glowing cannot simply be "stopped". She can dim it to a certain extent, but not turn it off. This makes it difficult for her to hide for example

  • As mentioned earlier, only a limited number of opals can be "harvested" from her body, around 5 pieces. Further collection would not be permitted by her body, and the gemstones cannot be detached from her body

  • Opalia is a very rebellious, stubborn, and independent teenager who doesn't make things easy for her parents. She has her own mind and is not a fan of certain rules. She loves freedom, independence, and getting her way. When she sets her mind on something, she wants to do it, and some of these things can be quite daring. Her parents often worry about her or get upset with her behaviour. However, Opalia means no harm, she is simply a rebellious free spirit and generally doesn't like being told what to do. She loves her parents very much, and in the end, they always find a way to reconcile

  • She is secretly in love with Irida, a fact she doesn't want to admit and keeps hidden from everyone. She believes that her rebellious, wild, and bold nature would never appeal to her and feels she isn't pretty, well-behaved, or perfect enough for her, although this is far from true. Another problem is Lani, Irida's best friend, with whom Opalia doesn't get along at all. The close friendship between Lani and Irida is a thorn in her side and additionally prevents her from confessing her feelings



  • Punk rock, rock and metal

  • Playing the guitar and drums

  • Getting her way

  • Independence and freedom

  • Bold ventures

  • Wild and crazy things

  • Her family (when being chill) and friends

  • Her crush Irida

  • The cool punk style

  • Peace and no drama



  • "Boring" and "too slow" music, like classic or country music

  • Rules she considers unnecessary and stupid

  • Particular sternness from her parents

  • Restrictions of any kind

  • Bad and moody days

  • Boredom and activities she considers as boring, like going for a walk or watching theatrical plays

  • Not being able to express true feelings towards Irida

  • Lani's bossy attitude

  • Too much drama

  • Every kind of violence


Further Information:

  • She was born in the Land of Eternal Night a gorgeous land which is full of colourful and glowing plants and creatures. As the name implies, the land is in a state of eternal night. It is a very soothing and peaceful land. Some time ago, she and her parents moved to the Land of Eternal Dusk to open their own jewellery business. Additionally, they have always been a fan of this beautiful and colourful land

  • In every land you can find the following rule: Every strongly marked anthropomorphic creature is actually a human being from either a different dimension and/or time, that's why these creatures are more human-like than other beings

  • She is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “leopard-like” things like roaring, purring and climbing

  • She and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. As mentioned earlier, there may be certain disagreements or even larger conflicts within the family. Family life is not always easy for her and her parents. However, they always stick together and are always able to reconcile after an argument. She doesn't get along with Lani at all. To Opalia, Lani is too bossy, opinionated, and arrogant. On the other hand, Lani thinks Opalia is too rude, stubborn, and disrespectful towards her. Therefore, it's no surprise that they frequently clash. Opalia would prefer to avoid her altogether, but there's a problem: her crush, Irida, who, to her misfortune, is Lani's best friend. This situation, combined with her belief that she's not good enough for Irida and that they wouldn't fit together at all, prevents Opalia from revealing her true feelings for her. There are also creatures she gets along with very well, such as Nijiko, Splitley and Klex

  • She is a cis-female and pansexual, for finding love, gender is not important at all to her

  • She has a vegetarian diet, even though she is an Amur leopard and African leopard hybrid. She eats vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more


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