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Name: Oberon


Name Meaning: King of the Fairies

Pokémon: Sylveon

Dex No.: 700

Type: Fairy

Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 15th March

Age Group: Adult


Pokéball: Love Ball


Region of Birth: Kalos


Height: 1.10 m


Weight: 26.5 kg


Cry: Standard cry in a lower pitch

Mother: Lamina (Leafeon)

Father: Calor (Flareon)

OT (Original Trainer): Alexandra/Alexi

Love Partner: Titania


Child(ren): Marigold

Ability: Pixilate

Contest(s): Toughness


Occupation: Companion Pokémon


Coloration: Normal


A normal Sylveon with:

  • The standard normal colours

  • A muscular, athletic and masculine body

  • Medium-length somewhat wide ears

  • A long, thick and curved tail

  • Comparatively big and curved bows

  • An oval-shaped head

  • Three long wisps of hair under his right ear

  • Blue oval-shaped midsize eyes

  • A round tiny black nose

  • A slightly bigger mouth


Nature: Brave


Characteristic: Good perseverance

Character Traits:

  • Caring

  • Compassionate

  • Protective

  • Brave

  • Romantic

  • Friendly

  • Considerate

  • Energetic

  • Stubborn

  • Serious


Base Stats:

HP 95

Attack 140

Defense 130

Sp. Attack 30

Sp. Defense 80

Speed 50


Move Set:

  • Double-Edge

  • Quick Attack

  • Dig

  • Curse


Held Item(s) (varies):


  • Shell Bell

  • Quick Claw



  • Yellow Scarf



  • His family, trainer and friends

  • Spending time with his beloved ones

  • Taking care of his family and trainer and protecting them

  • Sportive activities

  • Variety and some action in life

  • Quiet and romantic atmospheres

  • Peace



  • Rudeness

  • Irreverence

  • Immaturity

  • Cowardice

  • Relentlessness

  • Boredom

  • Serious and evil violence



In general:

  • His deep empathy and care

  • His courage

  • His good perseverance and patience

  • His respect towards others, especially towards females

  • His respectful, friendly and polite manner

  • His gentle and romantic side

  • He is very considerate and does everything to make his beloved ones happy


In battle:

  • His remarkably-high attack

  • His exceptionally-high defense

  • His high endurance

  • His courage and fitness



In general:

  • He can be very stubborn in certain situations and it’s not easy to change his mind

  • He often takes certain things too seriously

  • He can get worried pretty quickly, especially when his family, trainer or friends are involved

  • He is selfless and very caring and often forgets about his own needs and what’s good for himself

  • He can be too overprotective when it’s about his family and trainer


In battle:

  • His low speed

  • His lower special defense

  • He’s often too compassionate to take part in a battle

  • He tends to battle too risky

Characteristic Feature:

  • Oberon’s main characteristic feature is compassion and care, this is also implied by the colour pink

  • He also stands for understanding, respect, courage and a strong will


Further Information:

  • Oberon is a companion Pokémon, which means, that he rarely takes part in battles or contests, but he is always at his trainer’s side and they have a deep bond between each other

  • His name is based on Oberon the king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night's Dream”

  • He is the only Sylveon known which is such a strong physical attacker and defender and with those special base stats

  • He has a soft fur with slightly longer hair compared to other Sylveon’s hair

  • He and his parents were found and saved by Alexi in the wild

  • He knows his trainer Alexi since he was a pre-teen Eevee and he was also trained by her

  • He knows Titania since he and his parents were adopted by Alexi, also as a pre-teen Eevee

  • He was in his early Teenage years as he evolved into a Sylveon

  • He and Titania became a couple shortly after their evolution

  • He is a few months younger than Titania

  • He has an entirely vegetarian diet, just like his trainer and the other Sylveons, which means no other Pokémon will be consumed including Grass type Pokémon!

  • His signature colour is pink
















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