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Background information


On planet Tempus Lux, the home of the many amazing characters that has been introduced here, exist nine very special kind of cats, the so called "Mysticats". This designation is derived from the words "mystical" and "cats", since these cats are mystical and extraordinary in particular. They've been around in this world for quite some time, it's even believed that they are as old as the planet itself and that they were born shortly after the emergence of the lands. But one matter is certain, they play a very central role on and for the planet, as the magical and mystical events that occur on it are thought to be attributed to their presence. Together, they influence the lands, the creatures, the flora, the landscape, the sky, the light, the weather and much more. Each individual Mysticat possesses its own magical powers, which influence the planet and everything related to it in their own unique way. This will be illustrated individually and in more detail below. The Mysticats are genderless, immortal and very powerful beings. It seems like their strong powers do never run out or wear out respectively. They can use them constantly. Though, the source of their energy is unknown and remains a mystery. The Mysticats are very wise and intelligent. They are capable of communicating with other beings through some form of telepathy. However, it is extremely difficult to track them down, as they can become invisible and often hide in hard-to-find or inaccessible places, and they only communicate under very specific conditions, such as when someone urgently needs their help or when the planet would be in danger. Often, they are regarded as a kind of deity of Tempus Lux and they are treated with corresponding respect.



Heart Cat

















The Heart Cat, which was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk, is considered as the carrier and bringer of peace, friendship and love. It is, among other things, thanks to them that the lands and their inhabitants live so peacefully together. Of course, it's not possible for them to mediate every single conflict, but thanks to them, several wars could have been prevented. It is also told that they are always involved when a new friendship is formed or a love develops. That's why it's often said that when someone falls in love, the Heart Cat has worked its magic once again.



Star Cat




















The Star Cat, which was also born in the Land of Eternal Dusk, is thought to be responsible for the special distribution of light on Tempus Lux. Similar to our planet Earth, Tempus Lux also orbits a star or "sun" more specifically. However, the light from this star that reaches the planet is uniquely redirected by the powerful magical abilities of the Star Cat. That's why the Land of Eternal Dusk is always in a state of Dusk, the Land of Eternal light perpetually touched by light rays etc. Though, they are not associated with the everlasting darkness of the Land of Eternal Darkness. They only influence the light of one star, the "sun" so to say.



Swirl Cat




















The Swirl Cat, sometimes also referred to as the "Spiral Cat", is said to be the cause of certain changes and developments on Tempus Lux. They are responsible for the change of seasons, weather, moon cycle in the Land of Eternal Night, or even for the evolution of the creatures, to name a few. It is also told that they help living beings to grow physically and/or spiritually. In addition, they are the bringer and giver of creativity, imagination, playfulness, and joy. They are thought to be born in the Land of Eternal Dawn.



Angel Cat


















The Angel Cat is seen as the origin or progenitor of all angel-like and flying creatures, with the exception of the fairies and demons. They gave them the ability of flight and they are the creator of the sky, the clouds and the wind. They are also considered as the protector and guardian of the Land of Eternal Light. Therefore, they are a very important Mysticat for the inhabitants of this land. They are also said to be born in this land. The Angel Cat is said to symbolize kindness and all that is good. They will help those who have become bitter and have gone astray, to lead them back onto the right path of goodness.



Demon Cat



















It is believed that the Demon Cat is the origin and progenitor of all demon-like creatures and is therefore especially worshipped in the Land of Eternal Darkness, which in turn is considered as their birthplace. They are the creator of fire, heat, magma, lava, volcanos, the planet's plates and the cause for all sorts of physical or chemical reactions respectively, for example the exothermic reaction. They are a symbol and bringer of strength, courage, and determination, a Mysticat, who motives beings not to give up and to always keep going no matter how hard the challenge might be. Also, creatures shall stand up for themselves or others if someone treats them or others badly. The Demon Cat is also known for being the cause of some shenanigans and harmless mischief.



Mermaid Cat


















As most might assume, the Mermaid Cat is thought to be the creator and controller of all waters on Tempus Lux. They change the tides, the currents and the waves for instance. Together with Swirl Cat, they determine the weather, especially rain, snow and thunder storms. It is told that they are the origin and progenitor of all mermaid-, fish- and marine-like beings, and are therefore highly valued in the Land of Eternal Dawn, which is also their land of birth. They are considered as the Mysticat that gave certain creatures the ability to swim, dive and/or even breath and survive under water respectively. In addition, they are the symbol of elegance, gracefulness and purity.    



Neon Cat



















Originally born in the Land of Eternal Night, the Neon Cat is the powerful being who is said to have made all the beautiful and colourful lights possible in this land. But not only that, they are believed to be the creator of bioluminescence and all the other light sources on the planet which are not coming from the stars, fire or the like. They themselves glow particularly bright and colourful and they have the ability to create rainbows, Northern Lights and much more. It goes even further, some believe that the colours themselves, with some exceptions like the sky colours, only exist thanks to this Mysticat. If you want to give someone a special compliment, you say: "Your light shines as bright and colourful as that of the Neon Cat, and may it continue to shine forever in all its splendour."



Fairy Cat





















The Fairy Cat is a pretty and playful Mysticat which was seemingly born in the Land of Eternal Dusk. For the inhabitants of this land and for fairy-like creatures in general, they are of great significance. It is believed that they are the origin and progenitor of the latter and that they owe all their magical powers to the Fairy Cat. That is not all, it is also said that the colourful gems on their body can cure all sorts of diseases by emitting a special kind of radiance. Furthermore, they are thought to be the creator of the whole flora of Tempus Lux. Therefore, forests, flower fields etc. are the creation of the great Fairy Cat.      


Dawn/Dusk Cat





























This particular Mysticat was not born in just one, but simultaneously in two lands, namely right on the border between the Land of Eternal Dusk and Dawn. Their fur shines in the shades of dusk and simultaneously in the hues of dawn. They are the special and magical force that is said to be responsible for the strong connection and alliance that exists between the two lands. No other lands on Tempus Lux share such a strong affiliation with each other. Dawn/Dusk Cat is also believed to be the cause of all the beautiful colours of the sky which can be observed and admired in both lands. Furthermore, it is widely told that this Mysticat is the bringer of good luck and fortune. For example, if someone wins something in a lottery or the like, they often express heartfelt gratitude to them.



Spark Cat



















This majestic Mysticat, known as the Spark Cat, is thought to be the creator of electricity and all kinds of electrical phenomena, such as the lightning strikes in the sky or magnetism. Thanks to them, electric charge, electric current, the electric field, and so on exist. They are also the energy source of all of the electricity used by the modern Tempus Lux inhabitants. They power all electrical devices, vehicles and so on, and is therefore essential for the current technology of the planet. Their magical mystical powers generates no emissions and thus, does not harm the environment. Nonetheless, their electric energy should not be taken lightly, as it is believed that doing so might cause them to get enraged, which would, in the other hand, lead to dangerous thunder storms and lightning strikes. However, they are a very peaceful and loving being, and they don't want to harm anyone. They are said to feel very bad when someone gets electrified accidentally, since that would never be their intention. Their land of birth is thought to be the Land of Eternal Night. The Spark Cat is often perceived as the symbol and bringer of vigour and technological advancement.   




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