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Name: Motley


Name Meaning: Motley is an English term which means "colourful" and also refers to the multicoloured clothing of a jester


Species: African lion


Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 2nd August


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dusk


Height: 168 cm


Weight: 66 kg


Love Partner: None


Children: None



Motley is an anthropomorphic white lion with colourful permanent yellow, orange and pink markings all over his body. His design was inspired by a clown. The right side of his fluffy slightly ruffled mane is orange and yellow and on the left side it is light pink and pink in colour. His belly, parts of his shoulders, and upper arms on his front side are orange, bordered with a dark orange stripe. His cheek fluff also shares the same dark orange colour. The inside of his right ear, his right eye lid and the right side of his muzzle are light pink, and their left side is yellow. The same colour distribution applies to his legs: His right thigh is covered with light pink spots, and his shin has two light pink stripes that encompass a dark pink stripe in the middle. The left leg shares the same pattern, where what is light pink on the right side is yellow and what is dark pink is orange on the left. The forearms have nearly the same patterns, but the colours are reversed there: on the right side, just below the elbow, there are three yellow dots followed by an orange and a yellow stripe. On the left forearm, the dots are light pink and the stripe that follows is dark pink the other stripe is light pink. His toes on the right side are light pink and the ones on the left side are orange. Motley's nose and paw pads  (beans) show a dark purple colour and the tips of his hair on top of his head are yellow. Particularly colourful is his tail, which, after a small white area at the base, is uniformly dark pink, light pink, orange, and yellow striped, and the bushy tip of the tail also includes each of these colours. He has pretty purple eyes with black pupils. Motley is often seen wearing a cute top hat on his head. The base colour of this hat is light pink, covered with dark pink spots, and it is wrapped with a dark purple band, which is typical for many such top hats. He has the ability to conjure forth and away this hat whenever he wishes


Character Traits:

  • Funny

  • Kind-hearted

  • Upbeat

  • Cheery

  • Joyful

  • Easy-going

  • Outgoing

  • Party-goer

  • A bit clumsy

  • Slightly boisterous



  • Motley is an amazing performer and actor. He is a very passionate clown which can make everybody around him laugh, even the creatures that are in the gloomiest of moods. Generally, no matter what mood, if he makes someone laugh, it will improve the being's mood and bring them a warm, cuddly feeling. He constantly brightens the eyes and hearts of his audience. This effect can last from hours to days, depending on the individual's nature and prior emotional state. The happier the viewers were, the longer this effect will last

  • He's not just a clown; he's also a magician. With the help of his hat, he can conjure up various objects, provided they are not extremely far away and fit inside the hat. He can even summon smaller creatures using the hat, but it only works if both Motley and the other being truly desire it. Thanks to this amazing ability, he's capable of making lost or misplaced objects reappear or aiding lost creatures, for example. These magical activities do consume some of his magical energy with each spell, so he cannot perform them all the time and needs breaks to recuperate

  • He's also a talented mime and voice actor. He excels at mimicking certain activities and he can create the funniest and weirdest sounds and voices

  • As already mentioned, Motley can conjure his top hat forth and away at any time. A process, which a process that requires almost no magical energy. He usually wears his hat when he performs, goes out or simply feel like looking fancy 

  • He can produce and emit light form his whole body. That way he can lighten up the night in many different colours

  • He has the ability of speech and he speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course he is able to interact with his fellow species and other animals and creatures. He can even translate to a certain extent

  • He is able to see in the dark and, unlike other lions, he can see almost all existing colours



  • For Motley it's one of his main goals to cheer up every single creature around him. He also knows that he succeeds in bringing these feelings to life every time thanks to his magical abilities, and these emotions are genuine and truly helpful. However, it deeply saddens him each time a being, despite his assistance, feels sad and gloomy again. Moreover, if this effect wears off, he cannot immediately "reactivate" it for the affected being. He must wait for hours, even days, before this magic can work again. This factor strongly depends on the intensity of the negative mood or feeling: the more negative it is, the longer it takes for the effect to resume

  • Motley is a highly talented being, yet he possesses a characteristic that can be both a blessing and a curse: his clumsiness. While this trait benefits him in his role as a clown, in other daily activities, such as dining out or participating in an event, it can quickly become his downfall. This can bother him quite a lot at some times

  • His magical top hat is of great importance to him. If anything were to happen to it, it would feel like his world was falling apart



  • Making others laugh and making them feel better

  • His top hat and hats in general

  • Performing on stages, streets etc.

  • Friendly magic and magic tricks

  • Mimicking others playfully and of course, with their consent

  • Funny and happy things, activities and places

  • Everything that is colourful and motley

  • Playing, games, toys and fun



  • Certain negative emotions like sadness, gloominess, anxiety etc.

  • If anything would happen to his top hat

  • Creatures with a lack of humour

  • Too much seriousness

  • At some times his clumsiness

  • All kind of violence

  • Faded, sad and dull things and places

  • Malicious magic and magic tricks


Further Information:

  • He was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk a mystical land which is full of magic and fairy-like creatures. As the name implies, the land is in a state of eternal dusk. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place

  • In every land you can find the following rule: Every strongly marked anthropomorphic creature is actually a human being from either a different dimension and/or time, that's why these creatures are more human-like than other beings

  • He is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “lion-like” things like roaring, purring while exhaling etc.

  • He and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends

  • He has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though he is a lion. His favourite foods are vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sweet treats



Motley belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Motley was designed and adopted from Sankofa Gold in Procreate

Base used was made by starbovnd