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Name: Mothira


Name Meaning: "Mothira" is derived from the English term "moth"


Species: Pony with Madagascan sunset moth and rosy maple moth features


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 13th May


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dusk


Shoulder Height: 145 cm


Weight: 125 kg


Love Partner: None


Children: None



Mothira is a beautiful fairy-like pony with Madagascan sunset moth and rosy maple moth features, such as her wings. She has slim and very gracile body and she has the ability to change between three different forms. In her Sunset-Winged form, Mothira has gorgeous and shimmering Madagascan sunset moth wings, which can only be used during the day or while flying in bright light. In her Rosy-Winged form, she has glowing wings of a rosy maple moth and she can only fly during the night or in the dark. When she has turned into her Wingless form, Mothira has no wings at all, but she can run much faster and is much more agile at ground level. Her main fur colour is a pastel-coloured turquoise, which is slightly darker on her ears, snout and ankles and an even darker turquoise can be found on her rear shaped like a large cute spot. She has a particularly beautiful long mane and tail, which shine in stunning shades of yellow, orange, and red. Mothira has quite long ears and their inside is a light turquoise. She pretty and sparkling yellow eyes and dark turquoise hooves


Character Traits:

  • Docile

  • Mild

  • Very athletic

  • Very elegant

  • Gracile

  • Very feminine

  • Lofty

  • Prideful

  • Quite vain

  • A bit snobbish



  • Mothira shares a deep connection with moths. She is even able to communicate with them and she has many moth-like friends

  • Thanks to her beautiful moth-like wings Mothira is able to fly, and that pretty high and far

  • She can change between three different forms: The Sunset-winged, the Rosy-Winged and the Wingless form. These forms directly affect her flying skills, which means only in her Sunset-winged form Mothira is able to fly during the day and/or bright light and only in her Rosy-winged form she can fly during the night and/or in the dark. In her third form, the Wingless form, she does not have any wings at all, thus, she won't be able to fly, but instead, she can run much faster and is much more agile at ground levels. The form change does not require a lot of energy, so, she can switch between these three forms after only a few seconds

  • Mothira has a very strong back and her magical powers cause it to be even stronger and more durable. She can carry even quite heavy creatures, even during flight

  • In her Rosy-winged form she can produce and emit light form her whole body, but especially from her wings. That way she can lighten up the night in many different colours

  • In her Sunset-winged form her body, but especially her gorgeous wings sparkle very brightly and beautifully

  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  • She is able to see in the dark and, she can see almost all existing colours



  • As already mentioned, for being able to fly at certain times of the day and/or in the dark or in brighter light, Mothira has to change into the appropriate form

  • Mothira is a very athletic and active creature and she loves flying and running, even carrying others on her back during those activities. Any lack of exercise may cause her to become mentally and physically ill

  • She has a rather haughty and vain personality, which doesn't always sit well with other beings. Additionally, she hates it when her fur, hair, or wings get dirty, something that stresses her greatly



  • Moths and moth-like creatures and having them as friends

  • Flying, running and many other physical activities

  • Carrying others on her back

  • A clean and good-looking fur, hair and wings

  • Peace

  • Elegance and gracefulness

  • Beauty and style

  • Her close ones

  • Pretty flowers, trees and sparkling things

  • Being admired by others



  • When others, especially her moth friends, are harmed

  • Lack of exercise

  • All kind of violence

  • Whenever her fur, hair or wings get dirty

  • When others think she is too snobbish or vain

  • Lack of admiration

  • Lack of attention

  • Clumsiness and awkwardness

  • Arguments and fights

  • Faded and dull things and places with no flowers and plants whatsoever


Further Information:

  • She has a vegetarian diet. She eats grass, vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more

  • She was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk a mystical land which is full of magic and fairy-like creatures. As the name implies, the land is in a state of eternal dusk. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place

  • She and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. She and Sylvi are especially close and Mothira loves carrying her on her back whenever she desires


Mothira belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Mothira was drawn, designed and adopted from spookierdeer (Toyhouse)