A clan full of adorable and mystical creatures
and a world full of fantasy and magic!


By Alexi B.

Icon by Anouki


My mascot which I use everywhere is called Sylviparda a cute Sylveon and Amur leopard hybrid. She is known as a so called "Sylvipanthera" which is a Sylveon and big cat hybrid in general. After eating certain berries, she can turn into different kinds of Sylvipantheras. Sylviparda and all of the Sylvipantheras can be viewed below and by clicking on the desired icon of said characters you can read further information about them. So, feel free to discover more about my mascot and her different forms :3


It's important to note here, that, even if all of them are Pokémon, that I still do not own anything from the brand "Pokémon".  Pokémon and all its content such as characters etc. belong to Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures! Merely the special features of my pokésonas, such as the biography, individual appearance etc., which make them distinctive, belong to me. You will find more information about Copyright here.

Sylviparda and the other Sylvipantheras belong to me

Sylveon (c) Pokémon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures