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Name: Marigold


Name Meaning: Golden Flower

Pokémon: Sylveon

Dex No.: 700

Type: Fairy

Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 8th September

Age Group: Teenager


Pokéball: Love Ball


Region of Birth: Kalos


Height: 0.90 m


Weight: 18.5 kg


Cry: Standard cry in a slightly higher pitch

Mother: Titania

Father: Oberon

OT (Original Trainer): Alexandra/Alexi

Love Partner: Taiyo


Child(ren): None

Ability: Pixilate

Contest(s): Cleverness and Coolness


Occupation: Companion Pokémon


Coloration: Golden


A golden Sylveon with:

  • Special golden colours

  • A somewhat slim and gracile body

  • Short and wide ears

  • A short, curved and curly tail

  • Comparatively small and round bows

  • A slightly oval-shaped head

  • Small and curly wisps of hair under her right ear

  • Small copperish-orange round eyes with little eyelashes

  • A black beauty spot under her right eye

  • A midsize nose with a half-oval form

  • A small mouth


Nature: Mild


Characteristic: Highly curious


Character Traits:

  • Intelligent

  • Wise

  • Curious

  • Creative

  • Thoughtful

  • Joyful

  • Optimistic

  • Ambitious

  • Perfectionist

  • Stubborn


Base Stats:

HP 85

Attack 35

Defense 60

Sp. Attack 140

Sp. Defense 130

Speed 75


Move Set:

  • Hyper Voice

  • Hyper Beam

  • Shadow Ball

  • Calm Mind


Held Item(s) (varies):


  • Leftovers

  • Life Orb



  • Green Scarf

  • Red Scarf



  • Her family, trainer and friends

  • Spending time with her beloved ones

  • Learning and exploring new things and places

  • A deep and meaningful way of thinking

  • Helping and supporting others

  • Nature, especially flowers

  • Peace



  • Rudeness

  • Irreverence

  • Ignorance

  • Disloyalty

  • Laziness

  • dreariness

  • Serious and evil violence



In general:

  • Her high intelligence, wisdom and creativity

  • Her curiosity and will to learn new things

  • Her optimistic and joyful nature

  • Her ambition and attitude to never give up, no matter what happens

  • Her helpful and supportive side

  • Her mildness and thoughtfulness

  • Her jolly, warm and polite manner


In battle:

  • Her high special attack

  • Her comparatively-high speed

  • Her intelligence and cleverness

  • Her determination



In general:

  • She tends to be over-analytical

  • She sometimes loses her patience when something takes longer than expected or if something doesn’t work as planned

  • Her ambition and perfectionism can also be a weakness, due to the danger to focus too much on one certain goal

  • Her high curiosity can sometimes lead to danger

  • She can be pretty stubborn in certain situations


In battle:

  • Her low defense

  • Her below-average HP

  • She’s sometimes too focused and too concentrated on her strategy and can easily lose track of the opponent’s actions

  • She’s often too gentle and mild to take part in a battle

Characteristic Feature:

  • Marigold’s main characteristic feature is intelligence and joy, this is also implied by the colours gold and yellow

  • She also stands for wisdom, ambition, optimism and warm-heartedness


Further Information:

  • Marigold is a companion Pokémon, which means, that she rarely takes part in battles or contests, but she is always at her trainer’s side and they have a deep bond between each other

  • She is the only Sylveon known with those special base stats

  • She has a very unique and special coloration: She is a golden Pokémon. Golden Pokémon are extremely rare, even rarer than shiny Pokémon, only a very small number of golden Pokémon have been found for hundreds of years now! Golden Pokémon are also known to be the “shiniest of the shiny Pokémon” and just like shiny Pokémon do they sparkle in certain occasions, but in very bright golden and yellow colours with a loud and unique sparkling sound

  • Marigold is named after the beautiful flower Tagetes, which shares a similar colour scheme

  • Her fur is slightly curled

  • Before evolution she was an Eevee with golden colours instead of the usual brown or grey colours

  • Alexi, her trainer, and her parents Titania and Oberon are raising and training her

  • She is smaller than her parents due to her young age

  • She has an entirely vegetarian diet, just like her parents, trainer and the other Sylveons, which means no other Pokémon will be consumed including Grass type Pokémon!

  • Her signature colour is gold, but yellow can also be numbered among it
















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