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Name: Jasper


Name Meaning: In this context, Jasper is a kind of stone which is opaque, often red, yellow, brown in colour and which is known for its pretty striped or orbicular patterns


Species: Labrador Retriever


Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 29th April


Age Group: Middle-aged


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dawn


Shoulder Height: 56 cm


Weight: 32 kg


Love Partner: None


Children: None



Jasper is a handsome Labrador Retriever with a soft short fur and a regular build. His overall theme is the Jasper stone and his fur colours and patterns also reflect this. His main fur colour is a light cream and he has a striped pattern, typical of Jasper stones, which radiates in the colours beige, orange, and black. On his upper legs and lower back parts of actual Jasper stones grow out of his body and fur. These can even be collected without causing him harm, and they grow back repeatedly. Jasper's inside of his ears and his nose are vibrant orange. He has heterochromia, his left eye is black and his right eye orange. He has quite the short tail, cute floppy ears and partly orange and black paw pads (beans)


Character Traits:

  • Very kind

  • Placid

  • Calm

  • Spiritual

  • Wise

  • Generous

  • Devoted

  • Selfless



  • Jasper has the incredible ability to share his energy with other creatures. One just needs to touch him, and he can then simply "pass on" his energy to recharge others with new magical energy. But this also means, that he will lose his own special energy so, he needs to recharge before ha can share or entirely pass it on to others

  • He has a special magical aura that he continuously radiates more or less strongly depending on his own energy level. Anyone in his vicinity immediately feels much more relaxed, balanced, and revitalized, both mentally and physically

  • As mentioned earlier, The Jasper stones on his body can be "harvested" without causing him any harm. Like his body, his stones also emit the same calming and revitalizing aura, albeit in a weaker form and only for a few weeks. However, even after losing their effectiveness, they are still considered beautiful decorations, jewellery, etc.

  • Jasper is a pretty good swimmer and diver and he is able to hold his breath for a pretty long time

  • He is a very calm and spiritual being. He is able to recharge his magical energy even faster through meditation than others. However, he requires a lot of peace and relaxation for this, especially in the vicinity of calm waters, forests, or meadows where he can engage in it most effectively

  • He has the ability of speech and he speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course he is able to interact with his fellow species and other animals and creatures. He can even translate to a certain extent

  • He can produce and emit light form his whole body. That way he can lighten up the night in many different colours

  • Unlike other dogs, he can see almost all existing colours. He cannot see so well in the dark though



  • He is a very selfless and helpful being, using his magical energy almost exclusively for other living creatures. In doing so, however, he often puts his own needs in the background and can quickly become tired or exhausted

  • For him, tranquillity and pure relaxation are crucial, especially for recharging his magical powers. Noise, tumult, etc., can lead to a lot of stress and inner restlessness, especially when his energy level is very low

  • Just as Sylvi, Nippy, Nera etc. whenever he would lose his magical powers for whatever reason, he will turn into an ordinary Labrador Retriever dog with various cream, blonde and black colours and no "Jasper-like" patterns whatsoever. No stones would be growing out of his body anymore and his eye colours would also change: His right eye will become brown and his left eye dark blue. Such as his nose, the inside of his ears and his paw pads will turn pink. This form is called "Prior Form"



  • Peace and quiet

  • Waters, forests, meadows and other quiet and relaxing places

  • Pretty stones and gems

  • Meditation and other methods of relaxation

  • Sharing or even entirely "passing on" his magical energy

  • When others are well and brimming with (magical) energy

  • Helping and supporting others

  • His family and friends

  • Swimming and diving

  • Sharing his wisdom



  • All kind of violence

  • Selfishness

  • Rudeness

  • Irreverence

  • Sadness

  • Desperateness

  • Loud noises and commotion

  • Not being able to help every single creature

  • Unwise, impulsive, and/or hasty actions or decisions

  • General lack of energy


Further Information:

  • He has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though he is a dog. His favourite foods are vegetables, fruits and nuts

  • He was born in the Land of Eternal Dawn. This place is very similar to the Land of Eternal Dusk, but the land is in a state of eternal dawn. Thus the sky, the landscape, the plants etc. look different. In general, the colours of the Land of Eternal Dawn are more pastel-like, while the ones of the Land of Eternal Dusk are more intensive and vibrant. When it's about their population currently, it is difficult to tell where the individual inhabitants come from, since both lands are strongly connected and networked with each other. This particular alliance is responsible for the fact that their creatures bear a close resemblance to each other. It is therefore as good as impossible to tell which being was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk or Dawn. He moved to the Land of Eternal Dusk because the many beautiful forests and meadows there, combined with nearby waters, have a particularly relaxing effect on him

  • He and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. He feels particularly connected to Alya

  • Jasper is one of the older characters introduced here


Jasper belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Jasper was drawn, designed and adopted from anouki.adopts