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Planet: Tempus Lux


Almost every creature that has been introduced here (except the Pokémon and Game OC's) live and/or come from the planet named "Tempus Lux", a planet, that exists in an alternate universe. The planet has a similar composition as our planet earth, there are oceans, continents or lands respectively, and even living beings. Yet, there are quite some significant differences between the two planets. Other than in our world, light is differently distributed on Tempus Lux. The amount of light that reaches the surface of the planet depends on the location, thus it depends on spatial and not temporal factors. The cause of this anomaly is a special magical force by the so called Star Cat that affects the whole planet. Five lands can be found on Tempus Lux: The Land of Eternal Dusk, Dawn, Light, Night and Darkness. As the names imply, each land is in a certain state of light or darkness respectively, which never changes. For example the Land of Eternal Dusk is in a state of everlasting dusk, as if the sun of this land will forever be setting. Another example would be the Land of Eternal Night, the sun will never rise in this land, there is, and only will be night-time forever. "Tempus" means "time" or "day time" and "Lux" means "light" in Latin, the name shall emphasize this special anomaly.


Tempus Lux is not an ordinary planet, it is strongly influenced by magical and mystical forces, many of them stem from the Mysticats. These forces do not only affect the light and lands, but also the creatures that live on this planet. They are diverse mystical and supernatural beings with all sorts of different magical powers. For example, there are fairy-, angel- and demon-like beings. In ancient times, when the lands were not that connected and networked with each other as they are today, every land had its own kinds of creatures. In the Land of Eternal Light you could only meet angel-like beings or in the Land of Eternal darkness only demon-like creatures etc. Today, the populations of these lands are much more diverse and mixed. Thus, you can find demons in the Land of Eternal Dusk or fairies in the Land of Eternal Light and so forth. All of these said creatures are animal- and plant-like, not a single human being can be found. But there are beings that are more human-like, so called anthropomorphic creatures. When these are strongly marked as anthropomorphic, like when they walk on two legs or have entirely human-like secondary sexual characteristics for instance, then they are actually human beings from either a different dimension and/or time. That is the reason why they are more human-like than other beings from this planet in the first place. The following is important to note: The beings which are not considered as strongly anthropomorphic, the more "feral" creatures, can be as or even more intelligent than their strongly anthropomorphic counterparts, many of them have the ability of speech as well and choose to live a more "civilized" life.


On planet Tempus Lux different kinds of lifestyles can be observed. Some creatures choose to live a close to nature lifestyle, they live off the things that nature provides, for example, they live in caves, nests, hollow trees etc. and eat natural food, like fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. They can be compared to wild animals from our planet. Both feral and anthropomorphic creatures can choose such a lifestyle. Lifestyles in general do not depend on the kind of creature, this is more like a personal and inner decision. Another commonly used lifestyle is the more "civilized" one, the so called "modern" lifestyle. Civilized is put in quotation marks, since the modern lifestyle shall not be perceived as better or superior to the more natural lifestyle, it is merely a different kind of lifestyle. A big part of the planet and its lands are covered with untouched nature, but there is also another part, a part that is full of houses, buildings, traffic etc. At these places you can find fairly advanced technology, which is very similar to ours. These are the areas which are preferred the most by creatures with the modern lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle is very close to the lifestyle of many human beings of our world. There is technology, vehicles, institutions, organizations, public transport, even currencies. But unlike our world, on Tempus Lux there is no such thing as pollution thanks to the mystical and magical powers, they are a fantastic source of energy without harming the planet and its populations. Also, nowadays, the lands and their creatures are very peaceful with one another. There are no such things as wars or weapons. In addition, none of the creatures will ever be eaten, the diet of the whole population is fully plant-based. Of course, these two are not the only lifestyles that can be observed, many hybrid forms of them or entirely different ones exist on Tempus Lux. 


Below, every single land of Tempus Lux will be introduced briefly. Plus some examples of their respective inhabitants (only the ones that were born in the respective land) and the respective Mysticats and Phanthera will be illustrated:



Land of Eternal Dusk


This is the land where most of my characters live. It is the land which can be considered as the most colourful and vibrant one. The light in the sky shines in gorgeous yellow, golden, pink and blue colours. The majority of the land has a grassy terrain with different colours: Next to the usual green, there is also red, pink and even blue grass. The landscape is filled with lots of lush forests, hills, mountains and some rivers, ponds and lakes. The flora of the land is very fairy-like, colourful and shiny. The trees in this land can grow extremely tall and big. Many creatures live inside of them, also a lot with a modern lifestyle, since the hollow ones can be easily modified into pretty houses. In ancient times, only fairy-like creatures lived in this land, also with more vibrant and jazzy colours.


Born inhabitants:




























Land of Eternal Dawn


The land of Eternal Dawn can be considered as a softer version of the Land of Eternal Dusk, then its colours are more pastel-like. The colours of the sky are beautiful nevertheless, most of them are cyan, purple and orange. The majority of the land has a grassy terrain with different colours: Next to the usual green, there is also light blue, mint green, lavender and even white grass. In addition to the many rather small forests, the land is known in particular for its many rivers, lakes and mountains. Compared to the Land of Eternal Dusk, this land has more snow-covered surfaces. The flora of the land is also very fairy-like, pretty colourful and a lot of sparkles and glitter can be found everywhere. The trees here do not grow that tall, but on the other hand the land has numerous and large caves, which are perfectly suitable to be used as houses, also for the modern lifestyle. In ancient times, only fairy- and mermaid-like creatures lived in this land, which had more pastel-like and/or regular colours. Nowadays, it is difficult to tell where the individual inhabitants come from, since both lands are strongly connected and networked with each other. This particular alliance is responsible for the fact that their creatures bear a close resemblance to each other. It is therefore as good as impossible to tell which being was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk or Dawn.


Born inhabitants:





















Land of Eternal Light


The Land of Eternal Light is a very special one, since the majority of its inhabitants spend most of their time high in the beautiful blue sky. The whole land is full of giant mountains, no other land has mountains that high. They, the grass that partially covers them and the land below show a variety of colours, like silver, white or even gold. A lot of caves and ledges can be found on the mountains which serve as either homes or great grounds to build such a one for every kind of lifestyle. The sun never sets in this land, it is always covered with powerful rays of sunshine. A very long time ago, only angel-like and/or feathered-winged creatures inhabited this land. Almost all of them had white, silver and/or golden colours. However, today all kinds of beings can be observed. Even demon-like creatures, which used to be prohibited to enter the land's ground and sky.  


Born inhabitants:

















Land of Eternal Night


Some might think that the Land of Eternal Night is a dark and dull place, but the opposite is true. The sun may never rise in this land and it may always be in a state of night-time, but this land is one of the most colourful and vivid ones. The dark blue sky is never entirely dark, a lot of pretty bright stars in many different colours decorate the whole night sky. There is also a giant silver moon which has its own particular lunar cycles. They are not the only light source though, many creatures that populate the land, including the flora and fauna, have the ability to glow thanks to their bioluminescence or similar powers. With the aid of all these various light sources, the whole land, even its deepest waters shine in many different colours and are very gorgeous. The landscape is filled with glowing forests, hills, small mountains and some rivers, ponds and lakes. The land's inhabitants live in caves, trees, under water and in many other places, no matter which lifestyle. Bioluminescent creatures are not the only beings that dwell in this lovely land, this used to be the case many years ago. Nowadays, a variety of species and kinds enjoy being a part of this light spectacle. 


Born inhabitants:





















Land of Eternal Darkness


Other than the Land of Eternal Night, in the Land of Eternal Darkness there is not a single light source whatsoever. There is some sort of mystical power that swallows every kind of light immediately, even the light of creatures. The whole land looks like a dark desert, everything is dark and black and there is no water nor flora. These conditions, like the lack of light and plants, make it impossible for most living beings to survive for a long period of time. However, the land is not uninhabited as many may assume, actually quite an amount of creatures call this land their home. Though, they do not live on the surface, they populated a huge fiery and very hot underground which is full of mostly black, dark grey and red rocks, magma and fire. In addition, several water sources like rivers and small lakes can be found. The temperature of their waters varies from warm to steaming hot. Thanks to these sources, even certain plants and trees can grow, which are on the other hand a very important food source for the inhabitants of the land. The latter consists of strong demon-like creatures for the most part. Due to the tremendous heat and fire, only a few other creatures than demons are actually able to survive in this underground. So, only a few other species move to the Land of Eternal Darkness. Another reason for the sparse immigrations are wrong biases towards the demons, which are, unfortunately, often mistaken as evil beings, though the large majority of them is friendly and peaceful.


Born inhabitants:















Planet: Unknown/From Space


In fact, there are also characters on Tempus Lux who do not originate from there, but from another planet or even from space itself. Currently, only two beings of such special origin are known:










Planet: Arcus Pluvius


Tempus Lux is not the only planet inhabited by my OC's. In fact, there is another planet that exists in a completely different dimension. It is located in a kind of "parallel universe." This planet is called "Arcus Pluvius." This distinctive name comes from Latin and means "rainbow." The conditions and rules listed above at Tempus Lux are almost identical on this planet or in this dimension, with the only difference being the distribution of light, which is identical to that of our Earth. Therefore, there are no eternal daytime conditions like at Tempus Lux. The uniqueness of Arcus Pluvius lies in its beautiful colouring, as this planet shines in the most beautiful rainbow colours. Just like on our planet Earth, there are different climates and topographies there. However, much is still unknown about this unique planet. Currently, the following beings inhabit it:











Tempus Lux, all of its lands, Arcus Pluvius and their inhabitants belong to Sylviparda (website owner)

Sylvi and Nippy in the Land of Eternal Dusk