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Name: Haru


Name Meaning: The name "Haru" has Japanese origins and, depending on the Kanji used, can have several meanings. It can stand for spring or springtime "春", sun or sunlight "陽", clear or sunny weather "晴" or reign "治"


Species: Australian Shepherd dog


Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 21st March


Age Group: Teenager


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dusk


Shoulder Height: 48 cm


Weight: 18 kg


Love Partner: Twyla


Children: None



Haru is a cute and handsome Australian Shepherd dog with very fluffy and soft fur. His main fur colour is light cream and his whole body is covered with pink, light pink, orange and yellow colours. They form patches, spots and stripes in various shapes and sizes. Especially striking are his numerous small speckle-like spots that are scattered across his entire body. His pink parts smell like cherry blossoms and his orange and yellow parts like the Yamabuki flower. Haru has slightly floppy ears, a long, bushy tail, white eyebrows and a cute dark pink nose. He has heterochromia, his left eye is orange and yellow and his right eye pink and light pink. The paw pads (beans) of his left front paw and right hind paw are light pink, while those on the other two paws are light yellow. His overall appearance seems quite feminine, for example, he has pretty long black eyelashes of which he is very proud


Character Traits:

  • Bashful

  • Sensitive

  • Feminine

  • Gentle

  • Creative

  • Poetic

  • imaginative

  • Sometimes preoccupied



  • Haru can float in the air endlessly without using up any energy whatsoever. This means that he is able to fly whenever and wherever he wants and this is also the reason why he does not have any wings. He simply doesn't need them thanks to this special ability

  • He has the ability to bring about clear and/or sunny weather. In doing so, he can freely choose which clouds he wants to make disappear and which ones to keep

  • As mentioned earlier, his fur has a particularly pleasant scent. The pink and light pink areas smell like cherry blossoms, while the orange and yellow areas carry the fragrance of the Yamabuki flower. This delightful scent brings pure relaxation and well-being to other beings around him

  • He is generally known as a very talented writer and poet, and he loves writing stories and poetries

  • He has the ability of speech and he speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course he is able to interact with his fellow species and other animals and creatures. He can even translate to a certain extent

  • He can produce and emit light form his whole body. That way he can lighten up the night in many different colours

  • Unlike other dogs, he can see almost all existing colours. He cannot see so well in the dark though



  • Haru can't always eliminate all clouds, and the more clouds he has to make disappear, the more energy is required. Therefore, he cannot always counteract very heavily overcast weather successfully

  • He can't simply "turn off" his sweet flowery scent, making it difficult for him to hide for example

  • He is a quite sensitive and can get offended or upset pretty quickly. Additionally, there are phases where he can be preoccupied and very absent-minded, and during those times, he may not perceive things around him correctly

  • Just as Sylvi, Nippy, Nera etc. whenever he would lose his magical powers for whatever reason, he will turn into an ordinary Australian Shepherd dog with cream, tan, copper and grey colours. His eye colours would also change: His right eye will become blue and his left eye light brown.  This form is called "Prior Form"



  • Peace and quiet

  • Flowers, trees and the beauty of nature in general

  • Springtime

  • Writing and reading stories and poetries

  • The sky and sunny weather

  • His family, friends and girlfriend Twyla

  • Having bird-like and other flying creatures as friends

  • Cute and colourful things

  • Having a cute and feminine appearance

  • Elegance and Grace especially while flying



  • All kind of violence

  • Loud noises and thunderstorms

  • Rudeness

  • Writer's Blocks

  • Faded and dull things and places

  • Rainy, stormy, dark and too cloudy skies

  • Cold and too snowy winters

  • Importunity

  • When others tell him that he should be more masculine

  • When he becomes too preoccupied or lost in thought


Further Information:

  • He has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though he is a dog. His favourite foods are vegetables, fruits and nuts

  • He was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk a mystical land which is full of magic and fairy-like creatures. As the name implies, the land is in a state of eternal dusk. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place

  • He and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. He and Twyla are couple and are very in love with each other. Their hobbies and magical abilities can be wonderfully combined. For example, Haru can write a story or poem, and Twyla complements it with her beautiful drawings. Alternatively, Haru helps her in drawing in the sky by erasing clouds that she no longer wants to use or that get in her way

  • Haru is still a Teenager and one of the youngest of the here introduced characters

  • His appearance and behaviour are quite feminine and he enjoys being that way. He hates it when someone tells him that he should be more masculine. He is happy just the way he is and he does not want to change


Haru belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Haru was drawn, designed and adopted from anouki.adopts