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Fursuits and Cosplays

Cosplaying is such an amazing thing. It is not just about copying the appearance of a single character, there is much more behind it. While cosplaying, it is about simulating one's favourite character. One is actually trying to feel, perceive and behave just like this said character. Cosplaying is deeply connected with one's passions and likes. It always brings me a lot of joy and it is even better at conventions, since then, I can share this fantastic hobby with like-minded people, which is such a wonderful thing <3


In this section, you can have a look at a couple of photographs, where I am cosplaying some of my favourite characters. I will definitely add more photographs and cosplays in the future, since I just can't have enough of this great hobby :)


Note that this page contains mainly fan content, which means, that I do not own anything from all the presented brands. Those brands and all their content such as characters etc. belong to their legitimate owner! You will find more information about Copyright here.

Sylveon Gijinka Cosplay

Sylveon Kigurumi

Alola and Kalos Nurse Joy Mix Cosplay

Okami Amaterasu Kigurumi

Zelda Skyward Sword Cosplay

Light Fury Kigurumi



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Alolan Ninetales Kigurumi

Woodland Fairy Costume

Sylviparda Onesies (All Forms)

Zelda Skyward Sword Cosplay - Goddess Dress

Sylvipardis Onesie

Sylviparda Costume + Onesie

Clawroline Costume

Cookie Costume

Alya Mini Partial Fursuit

Sylvi Yellowstar, Sylvi Roseheart and Sylvi Rosestar Fursuits

Feya Partial Fursuit with Onesie