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Name: Buckley


Name Meaning: Buckley has English and Irish roots and means "deer meadow". It is also derived from the English term "buck" which can be referred to a male deer


Species: Deer and zebra hybrid


Gender: Male


Day of Birth: 11th November


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Dawn


Height: 182 cm (anthropomorphic form), 120 cm (feral form)


Weight: 70 kg (anthropomorphic form), 60 kg (feral form)


Love Partner: Zarina


Children: None



Buckley is an anthropomorphic deer and zebra hybrid with an athletic and dynamic build. His main fur colour is brown. His belly, parts of his neck and the bottom of his tail are yellowish brown and his right hand and left ankle have dark brown markings which both have soft stripes. His left arm and right leg are beige and both are covered with light brown zebra stripes. Cute ivory white spots can be found on his left upper leg and on his right upper arm and he has dark brown spots on his back. Buckley has a short, deer-like brown nub tail which has three ivory white stripes on top. As is typical for deer bucks, he wears beautiful deer-like dark brown antlers which have three yellowish brown stripes each. Buckley has greyish-brown deer-like hooves, a grey nose and pretty green-yellow eyes. The inside of his ears have a light reddish brown and his eyes are surrounded by a dark brown colour. Buckley has the ability to transform into a second form, a "feral form", where he moves on all fours and exhibits hardly any anthropomorphic characteristics. In both forms he still has the same colours and patterns. In his main anthropomorphic form, he has human-like hands and in his feral form he has deer-like hooves


Character Traits:

  • Friendly

  • Athletic

  • Sporty

  • Suave

  • Dainty

  • Laid-back

  • Independent

  • Ambitious

  • A bit cheeky

  • Somewhat stubborn



  • Buckley has the ability to change into a second form, his "feral form". In this form he walks on his four hooves and loses some of his anthropomorphic characteristics, like his hands and his upright position. So, in his feral form he is not able to use his hands anymore, but on the other hand he can run much faster, jump way higher and he is more agile. Additionally, in this form, less energy is consumed and he has more stamina. Thanks to his magical powers he can run very fast and far and also jump very high. He is considered as one of the fastest creatures on land of Tempus Lux. He can perform these transformations at any time, but he needs a short break each time before he can do another form change again

  • In his magnificent antlers, magical energy is stored. With the help of these powers, he can rapidly "scan" his immediate surroundings in a matter of moments. This is a crucial superpower because it allows him to quickly perceive any obstacles that might come in his path while he's running. Additionally, he can use this ability to detect certain hidden objects or beings that are not perceptible with ordinary senses. Every time he uses these powers, the yellowish brown stripes on his antlers light up brightly. Unlike other bucks, he never sheds his antlers. If he would do so, then he would lose a lot of his magical powers

  • He has the ability of speech and he speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course he is able to interact with his fellow species and other animals and creatures. He can even translate to a certain extent

  • Unlike other deer and zebras, he can see almost all existing colours. He can even see quite well in the dark



  • After he transforms into one of his two forms, it takes him several minutes to up to an hour, depending on his energy level, to transform back into his other form

  • For Buckley, losing his antlers also means losing a significant portion of his magical powers. Therefore, he must always exercise caution to ensure he doesn't lose them. While they can regrow after a loss, it can take up to 100 days for them to fully grow back. He can only use his special "scan" ability when his antlers are fully grown

  • For Buckley running and moving his body in general is very important to him. If, for any reason, he is no longer able to pursue this, he could, in the worst-case scenario, become mentally and physically ill

  • He is somewhat stubborn and he really dislikes it when he can't have certain things go his way



  • Sport, running, jumping and other physical activities

  • Nature and an outdoorsy lifestyle

  • Woodlands and meadows

  • Elegance and daintiness

  • When things are going as planned and anticipated

  • Success in various fields

  • His friends and girlfriend Zarina, but he also enjoys to be alone from time to time

  • Peace and quiet



  • Lack of sport and physical activity in general

  • Being forced to stay inside for a longer period of time

  • Too crowded and loud places

  • If anything would happen to his antlers

  • Every kind of violence

  • When things don't go his way

  • Failures and setbacks of any kind

  • Hate, impoliteness and irreverence


Further Information:

  • He was born in the Land of Eternal Dawn. This place is very similar to the Land of Eternal Dusk, but the land is in a state of eternal dawn. Thus the sky, the landscape, the plants etc. look different. In general, the colours of the Land of Eternal Dawn are more pastel-like, while the ones of the Land of Eternal Dusk are more intensive and vibrant. When it's about their population currently, it is difficult to tell where the individual inhabitants come from, since both lands are strongly connected and networked with each other. This particular alliance is responsible for the fact that their creatures bear a close resemblance to each other. It is therefore as good as impossible to tell which being was born in the Land of Eternal Dusk or Dawn. Currently, Buckley lives in the Land of Eternal Dusk together with Zarina, and they are planning to stay there for a longer while, since he really enjoys the lush forests and she the beautiful sky and landscape there

  • He met Zarina in his home land the Land of Eternal Dawn. She travelled there for a photoshoot. It was love at first sight. He asked her out and one thing led to another until they eventually became a couple. Shortly after, both decided to move to the Land of Eternal Dusk

  • In every land you can find the following rule: Every strongly marked anthropomorphic creature is actually a human being from either a different dimension and/or time, that's why these creatures are more human-like than other beings

  • He is anthropomorphic and thus very human-like, but can still do typical “deer- and zebra-like” things like deer-like grunting, braying and kicking and much more

  • He and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. He considers Geoffrey as his best friend. They have similar personalities and passions and they love spending time together, especially doing sports

  • He has a vegetarian diet. He eats grass, vegetables, fruits, nuts and much more



Buckley belongs to Sylviparda (website owner)

Buckley was designed and adopted from Revefur

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