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Here, you can find some of my artwork, which is mainly digital art, since I generally love working at the computer. Creating digital art is a lot of fun, but also takes up a lot of time, which means, that I am not able to work on complex art projects that often. I still try to draw as often as possible, though. Further below you can also find some Sims 4 Screenshots of my OC's and adopts which I've created entirely by myself. I've included them here, since they are also some kind of work of art :)


In case you are curious and would like to know how I create my drawings and what tools I use, then I am glad to tell you more about it in the following:

First, I draw a sketch on paper, which will be photographed or scanned, once it's finished. Afterwards, the photographed or scanned picture will be saved on the computer. For the further and final work, such as colouring, shading, editing etc., I use CorelDRAW and I always use a usual mouse for that, since I don't have a graphics pad or anything similar. Once I am satisfied how the drawing has turned out, I complete it by adding my signature and done! :)


It comes as no surprise that my favourite subjects for my artwork are my fursona, my favourite characters, favourite animals and my OC's of course <3


Note that this page contains mainly fan content, which means, that I do not own anything from all the presented brands. Those brands and all their content such as characters etc. belong to their legitimate owner! You will find more information about Copyright here.


I really hope you like them :3

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