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Name: Alya


Name Meaning: The name "Alya" has several meanings and also multiple origins, like Arabic, Russian and Turkish origins for instance. It can mean "heaven" or "from heaven", "highborn" or "exalted"


Species: Pomtriever dog (Golden Retriever and Pomeranian mix)


Gender: Female


Day of Birth: 27th February


Age Group: Adult


Region of Birth: Land of Eternal Light


Shoulder Height: 40 cm


Weight: 24 kg


Love Partner: None


Children: None



Alya is an adorable angelic Pomtriever dog with a slim and elegant build. Her fur is very fluffy and soft, and its main colour is a light tan or blonde, respectively, which covers her whole body except for the belly, snout, chest, toes, and fingers, which are in a very light tan that is almost white. On her right shoulder, she has three heart-shaped spots in the same very light tan colour, which are very close to each other. Typical for an angelic creature, Alya has small white angel-like wings but no halo. Her tail is very fluffy and tightly curled. Her left ear has a slight bend, and she is unable to straighten it. She has beautiful clear blue eyes with large black eyelashes, a cute dark brown nose, and the inside of her ears and paw pads (beans) are light pink. Her design was inspired by the character "Angel" from the movie "The Lady And The Tramp 2"


Character Traits:

  • Very gentle

  • Mild-mannered

  • Very caring

  • Polite

  • Sweet

  • Very affectionate

  • Quite playful

  • Not very talkative

  • A bit bashful

  • A little bit vain



  • Alya is excellent at flying and can fly particularly high and far

  • She is able to control the wind to a certain extent. Although she is capable of conjuring storms, she never does so, instead she is using her magical powers only for the good

  • She has the ability of speech and she speaks and understands many different human languages of our world. Of course she is able to interact with her fellow species and other animals and creatures. She can even translate to a certain extent

  • Unlike other dogs, she can see almost all existing colours. She cannot see so well in the dark though



  • Alya is not always able to control the wind on her own. For example, she can stop lighter storms, but not very strong storms. Controlling the wind in general requires quite the amount of energy so, she must always be mindful of how much magical energy she expends when controlling the wind

  • Just as Sylvi, Nippy, Nera etc. whenever she would lose her magical powers for whatever reason, she will turn into an ordinary Pomtriever dog without wings. Her fur and eye colours would remain, but her heart-shaped spots will be replaced with ordinary round spots. This form is called "prior form"



  • Peace

  • Her family, especially her cousin Twyla, and her friends

  • Happiness and joy

  • Playing, games, toys and fun

  • The sky and flying

  • Elegance and Grace especially while flying

  • The wind and controlling it

  • Having bird-like and other flying creatures as friends

  • Having a particularly soft and fluffy fur which is always clean and neat

  • Cuddling, snuggling and hugging



  • All kind of violence

  • Hate

  • Rudeness

  • Irreverence

  • When her loved ones, especially Twyla, are not doing well

  • Bad weather conditions, such as severe thunderstorms, which make flying difficult or even impossible for her

  • Getting her fur dirty or too wet

  • The lack of platonic physical closeness, such as cuddling or hugging

  • Too much seriousness

  • Loneliness


Further Information:

  • Alya was born in the Land of Eternal Light. A heavenly and placid land full of very high mountains and full of angel-like and/or feathered-winged creatures. Here, the sky reigns above all. This land is in a state of eternal light, thus, the sun never sets in this land. She moved to the Land of Eternal Dusk to be closer to her relatives, almost all of whom live in this land. Additionally, she loves the beauty of the sky in the Land of Eternal Dusk

  • She and every here presented Land of Eternal Dusk resident are good friends. As mentioned earlier, she is particularly close to her cousin Twyla. Alya is like a big sister to her, protecting her and always being there for her. She is also quite close to Jasper

  • Also, she and Zerlihetzer are particularly close, and they enjoy spending a lot of time together

  • As already mentioned, her design was inspired by the character "Angel" from the movie "The Lady And The Tramp 2"

  • She has an entirely vegetarian diet, even though she is a dog. Her favourite foods are vegetables, fruits and nuts


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