By Alexi B.

Icon by Anouki

Icon by Anouki

A clan full of adorable and mystical creatures
and a world full of fantasy and magic!

About Me

Hello everybody! My name is Alexi and I am the founder and leader of the Cute-Creatures-Clan :3

Here you can find some further information about me, if you're interested of course :)

Main Username:

Sylviparda (also my Fursona's,  mascot's and Twitch channel's name)



Sylvi, Sylvie, Alexi, and Lexi



PokeLexi, Feelipix, Panthera Felidae (old)





Day of Birth:

12th January 1994


Home Country:



Spoken Languages:

Swiss German (First Language)





Old occupation: Nurse

Latest occupation: Assistant bookkeeper and sociologist

Hobbies: (Caution! Very geeky xD)

Gaming, drawing, cosplaying, visiting conventions, watching movies, taking and editing photographs, collecting (mainly plush toys and costumes), being a furry, fursuiting, working on own projects, spending time with family/friends/boyfriend, going out, partying, clubbing, listening to music, reading, chilling and going outside for walks


Favourite Animals:

Cats, big cats, foxes, wolves, giraffes, pigs, snails, (unicorns and dragons :p)


Favourite Colours:

Yellow, pink, light blue, mint green


Favourite Times of the Day:

Dusk and night


Some Other Random Stuff about Me:

  • I am a Vegetarian

  • I love leopard print (only the print never real fur of course!)

  • I adore cute things and plushies <3

  • I love Japan and its amazing culture

  • I am taken and I love my sweetheart to bits <3

  • The clan and me live all happily together in a small apartment