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About Copyright

The whole personal content of this website, including presented and self-made artwork, photographs, OC's etc. are all protected by Copyright and you are not allowed to use them in any way without my permission. People who will not follow this rule will be liable to prosecution! For further information please check here.


A lot of the presented work here is fanart, which means that some of it, such as drawings, OC's etc., relate to licensed content from games or movies, which belongs to their companies. It's important to note, that I do not own any of this copyrighted content! Certain work like this, which counts as fanart, will always be stated as such and I will always mention its legitimate owner.


Here, I also present you some handmade items, which are not made by me, such as cosplays or plushies. In that case, I will always state them as such and I will name the shops, where I have purchased them, if that's possible. I will not reveal any names due to privacy protection.


All shown pictures of this website are either photos or screenshots taken or artwork drawn by me. Pictures from other sources will be stated as such and I will quote their original source. A special thanks goes to Erik, Trudi and Renate, who took all the pictures of me. Thank you very much! <3


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me via e-mail. My e-mail is: